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Student Working During the School Year

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Research has shown that the number of students who decide to work during the school year is increasing every year. Students who try to combine their studies with working life can be affected in different ways. There are many reasons why high school students should not have part-time jobs. Some of the most important are premature exposure to older adults, losing academic focus, and developing a taste for money early.

The first reason why high school students should not work is that they will be early exposed to older adults. When teenagers interact with adults in working environment, they can be manipulated because older adults are people with more experiences about life. Older adults often have lives and more complicated backgrounds, so they do not have the same interests and activities, that these teenagers have.

As a result, older adults can influence adolescents negatively. For instance, these teenagers can be encouraged to use drugs or alcohol, have sexual lives early or solve problems with violence. All these factors can produce physical and mental changes and affect the teenagers goals.

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Student Working During the School Year

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Besides, premature exposure to older adults, working students can also lose academic focus.

When teenagers work, they do not have enough time to handle their school responsibilities because they often feel tired and fatigued. This situation can affect concentration and memory, which are essential parts of school performance. Therefore, students can fail their classes, get low GPAs or drop out of school entirely.

Some parents encourage their children to work to appreciate the value of money. It is true that children need to learn how they can manage money wisely. However, teenagers need to be encouraged to study because they should be aware that education is very important to achieve success.

Teenagers need to be motivated to appreciate more the permanent value of education than the fleeting value of money, Because nowadays many companies require workers with high GPAs, adolescents need to focus on their studies early. If they achieve appropriate school performance, they will have more opportunities to get better jobs with good salaries in the future.

In conclusion, high school students should not have part-time jobs in order to avoid premature exposure to adults, losing academic focus, and developing a taste for money early.If teenagers worry about their education, they will have one of the best tools to achieve success.

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