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Going Back to School

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Going back to school looks good for my future financially because now of days higher education is the key to many success in life. It also requires proper time management. Going back to school can become stressful it your not prepared for it. I always planed on going back to school but after high school things didn't work out as I had plan. I am the second to the youngest in a family of five and my mother never pushed college. So I went to work thinking I graduated from high school that was good in my book.

But soon I learned that good wasn't good enough I should strive to be the best not just good. so as I began to work and live on my own have children of my own we began to struggle to make ends meet. I began to switch jobs seeking the most befits and finical stability for me and my family. but still it just wasn't enough. As I began to look for jobs that could take care of my household family size I discovered that I need a degree. What are my educational Experiences In 2007 I decided to go back to school.

I wanted to start of small to see if I really was going to like going back to school. So I began taking classes at a place called Action for children. At action for children you payed for your own classes out of pocket then when complete with the 4 week class you got your money back from the session you had to take as many classes as you needed to equal 120 credit hours. It was hard for me having a family and working full time but I did receive my CDA in the summer of 2007.

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When returning to school from summer break My job CDC Head Start had an all staff meeting and in that meeting we were told that a law had been passed for all teacher to have bachelor’s degree and the assistant teachers to have a CDA by 2013. So I was safe for know but if I wanted to continue what I love I was going to have to go back to school . So one day I was on the internet looking for help for single moms a couple of colleges came up but two of them offered online classes so I entered my information and one school keep in contact with me so in February of 2010 I began online classes at Ash ford university.

The ups and downs of going back to school The ups and downs of going back to school can very from day today or week to week. Some major ups for me have been that I have learned a lot on tying parers and really enjoy the discussion board and reading and commenting to other discussions as well. The instructors and TA s have been very helpful and patient with me when I lack the knowledge or understanding of an assignment. my family is my biggest support group.

Without them going back to school would be much harder. The down side to going back to school for me is time management. Being single, working full time and include time for the children s sports some days I feel were did the time go. My personal and professional goals My personal and professional as I get myself back into the swing of things the classes are becoming harder and a bit of a challenge but some how I over come them and gain more confidence in myself and the field I choose.

I can see my children being very proud of there mother finishing school and earning her degree. I think this whole experience will motivate my own children to go to college as well. I don't want my children to struggle I don't want them to find them selves settling for less because of education purposes. I want them to know that there are other options available for them as they grow older and that college is very much needed for life success.

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