Going to War or Going to School

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On March 19, 2003 former President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq, two years after declaring his war on terror. By the end of the year he had mobilized and shipped fifty thousand soldiers to Iraq. The political cartoon designed by Jim Borgman offers commentary on past socio-economic issues, suggesting that certain young adults risk life and limb not just for patriotism but for career opportunities. . Since the September 11 attacks the United States government has been on a quest to seek vengeance.

On March 19, 2003 the United States government declared War on Iraq. Over fifty thousand troops were deployed in 2003 and over one hundred ninety thousand were recruited that year by four different branches of the military. Rationally most find it noble to enter into a cause such as the military, it gives one a true sense of pride. But the reality of it is that your quest for honor, respect, and nobility must be pure in every shape and form. Borgman’s cartoon has the ability to question ones true motives by attacking your logic.

His use of logos is also transferred into the quote at the top of picture, “I figure it’s easier to find a war than a job these days. ” The message should be and is clearly conveyed to any reader but shocking nonetheless. Mr. Borgman is targeting the attention of young adults who have just recently graduated, those who are confused and lacking true guidance. You can see the same blank and confused look on one of his characters, the recent graduate.

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Curiously wondering whether the soldier is correct or whether he just wasted four years of his life. But its perfectly natural to be scared when your stepping out of a comfort zone and into something new. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, your senses are just so overwhelmed that you don’t have a grasp on what you truly need to be doing. One looks for the first thing that makes sense to them and then proceeds to stick with it. You might be curious and wondering what can the military offer me that I can’t get with a college degree.

Well let me tell you that some of the great benefits, they offer an opportunity to gain qualities such as leadership and follow through. Key elements needed to be successful in society today. Another huge attraction for some is the G. I. Bill, which gives any service men and women the opportunity to attend any institution courtesy of the taxpayers. It’s hard to refer to ethics when speaking about the persuasiveness of political cartoons; personally they have nothing to do with one another. The cartoon surfaced right after the U. S. eclared war against Iraq, showing Borgman’s use of kairos. Which made it apparent that he was trying to push a point upon the American public. Society as a group stays in the shadows of current news but that is because media corporations filter stories, but that’s a different topic. In conclusion I hope that this photograph has altered your outlook not just on previous issues but has given you a current grasp on what is going on today. My mother once told me that history finds a way of repeating itself, the question becomes are we going to do something about it.

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