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Wisdom: Virtue and People

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My friend Lili is probably the only person who I could really turn to for advice and her wisdom and knowledge has always helped me through the rough times and the good times. I remember meeting Lili one day at school and asked if I could borrow a pencil from her during math class. When I returned it back she said I could have it but to try not to lose it since it is an obvious writing instrument to have. Well, after a few days I noticed she would sit alone during lunch time so I asked her if she wanted to join my friends and I for lunch, ever since we have been best of friends.

According to my reading in my Positive Psychology books in Ch. 10 Table 10. 2 Classification of virtues and character strengths wisdom and knowledge is cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge. The defining strengths describe her or what she possesses: creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, and perspective. She has always been creative since day one when I asked to borrow a pencil. During that time we were learning how to make a cube out of paper and Lili knew how to do the cube without even asking how to make it. She could make things to be productive.

I could recall during a camp out with a bunch of girls how to make things out of sticks with leaves and such. It was amazing on how much she knew without really knowing how to do it in the beginning. Her open-mindedness was well respected in our little time of knowing each other. One of the attributes I think I develop most was learning to give good advice to those who come to me to talk about anything. She taught me how to give the best advice, but to give the advice I would give myself. Listening to people is a way to open your heart and let the people you love in. I think there are many reasons why she is wise.

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For example, the way she talks and gives advice to other people and also the attitude she has it's so passionate and loving. I don't know what it is about her that people go up to her and trust her with everything I find it amazing. Another example would be the past she has been through has made her smart about life and about people. Going through bad and good times and taught her a lesson about life and about everything. She didn't have a life like every child had, she had a difficult life that made her suffer a lot. So I look up to her because I know she knows what she is talking about and how she deals with life.

Also she does not depend on any one with anything, she has always done things on her own. I think that the one attribute that I need to learn the most is listening to people before giving them my opinion because I have this habit that I usually make assumptions before hearing or knowing what the person is going through. This is the one that I need to gain so I can be there for people like my best friend has been there for people. Knowing what people have been through will help me be there for people and also help them out through the good and bad times.

I am the type of person that I love being there for people even if I am struggling with my own problems because seeing how people deals with there problem helps me gain confidence about myself and solving other peoples problems as well. I can't say I'm good at giving advice but I know that I could at least give someone a good advice or even I could take some one's opinion to learn. So seeing my friend and the way she is there and how she helps me, the love she gives and how she gives company when I need someone makes me want to be that person as well. I know by this I will become a better person.

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