Windsor Coursework Analysis

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My project is about Windsor, it is to find out if it is a good or bad tourist attraction. My main aims are to find out:

1. If Windsor is a successful tourist centre?

2. Is there any conflict of interest between residents and tourists?

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3. What is being done to resolve any conflict?

Tourism is a tertiary segment of the working industry. A tourist is someone that travels in their country or around the world.

There has been an increase in tourism worldwide, this is because of:

More leisure time: the older population has increased and the when they retire they use up their leisure time by going on holiday.

* Shorter working time: the number of hours an employee has to work has decreased over years.

* Longer holidays with pay: it is now casual for employees to be given holidays with paid accommodation and flight tickets.

* More money: salaries paid to employees have increased significantly alongside with paid holidays has given the possibility to go on holidays more than once.

* Greater accessibility: the increase of transport via planes, ferries and cars have enabled more people to travel easily.

The benefits of tourism is that there are more jobs available, more money is spent by the tourists which makes the area richer and the area can maintain and preserve historic sites and keep the area clean.

However, there are many disadvantages of tourism. Residents complain that there is over-crowdedness due to many tourists or that too much pollution in the area and in most cases there are too many high prices being charged.

There are many kinds of tourist destinations a few are: theme parks, adventure parks, museums etc. Windsor is a historic tourist centre.

What makes a good place to live is more often usually a good accommodation and situated in an area with easy access to shops like supermarkets, newsagents, etc...

At Windsor they offer a range of attractions. Eton is where the residents live, a river, the guildhall designed by Christopher Wrenn where Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were married; they offer bus tours, the long road, Legoland and Windsor castle.


Within the classroom, I was introduced to the Windsor project. We discussed what makes a good place for residents to live in. We looked at the benefits and costs of tourism and how at our day at Windsor we will need to write if it is a good place for residents and if there is any conflict with the tourists.

For Windsor we were given questionnaires and we had to try and get a sample of five residents and if they had any problems with the tourists and we had to find five tourists to find out what they thought of Windsor if they thought Windsor was a successful tourist attraction.

Windsor is in the Royal County of Berkshire, 18 miles West of Queens Park. Our coach journey took us 55 minutes. We took the A406, A40, A412 and the M4.

We was given a tour by our teachers at Windsor, we got to see the guildhall, the castle, Peasecod Street and Crooked Street the shortest street in Britain. We was then given time to fill in the questionnaires. Getting time to fill in the questionnaires from the residents and tourists was the hard bit and I felt that many people felt intimidated by our group because we has a black boys in our group and there were practically no black people around and when we asked people to give a little bit of time so that we could answer a little questionnaire they refused and said "sorry, we do not have time," this happened with the first seven/eight people we asked but eventually we started to get people to help us who were younger aged and pretty soon we filled out all of the survey, in the end it was a difficult task for my group because it took us ages to get people to help us answer our questionnaire however in the end my research was successful.

When we got back to school we exchanged our results with each other and got twenty resident answers with ten male and ten female of all ages, we also got twenty tourist answers with ten male and ten female this was done so that it was more of a balanced sample. A balanced sample is important for this investigation because asking only five people in the whole of Windsor did not really mean anything. The more people we asked and questioned would make it a better survey. The forty people we asked really made it fair and more secure prediction of what Windsor tourist and resident people

thought of it.

To write my introduction, I had to write about what tourism is, why there was an increase in tourism since the past fifty years, I had to find the advantages and disadvantages of tourism, what type of tourist destinations there are, where in Britain it is and include a map of Windsor. The method was writing about what class work, homework and research i had to do follow by the trip to Windsor we had and had to explain if there were any difficulties to obtain the answers to the questions. I then had to make graphs of my results of the twenty male and female residents and tourists. With the graphs i had to explain what each graph represented and what it suggested.

This pie chart shows the percentage of male and female tourists.

This graph shows the percentage of residents that I asked for my questionnaire

This graph shows the number of problems residents have in Windsor for male.

This graph shows the number of benefits that 10 female residents have.

This graph shows the number of problems 10 female resident's have.

This graph shows the number of benefits 10 Female residents have in Windsor.

This pie chart shows the percentage of male and female residents.

This graph shows the number of tourists that were either from the U.K or a visitor to the U.K.

This graph shows the transport that tourists used to get to Windsor.

This graph shows the attraction which the tourists chose to visit whilst on their tour in Windsor.

This graph shows the number of changes that tourist think had changed.

This graph shows how many out of the 20 tourists recommend Windsor.


Overall, the trip was successful, we had a great time and we conducted our results eventually. However, i could improve the project if it was to be done all over again by putting white boys or girls in my group. I am not trying to be racist, but people at Windsor seemed to be scared of talking to black people and it is a fact that on that day I did not see many black people in the area maybe because they are influenced by the criteria given to black people they thought we too might be trouble makers but in fact we really wanted to do our work. The fact that we had to get our results from younger members of the area really did not make my survey fair. But the girls in my class did ask the older people in the community and I was then allowed to exchange answers with them.

I realised, that the questions on our survey were a bit exaggerated, we could have made them shorter and saved allot of time and it did make the tourists/residents a little bored of it.

At home it was quite easy to do my research, i logged on to the Windsor council website and got all the pictures and information i needed.


My main aims were to find out:

1. If Windsor is a successful tourist centre?

2. Is there any conflict of interest between residents and tourists?

3. What is being done to resolve any conflict?

1. From my results i have found out that Windsor is a successful tourist centre, i can prove this from the above graphs by the primary data provided but not only that, whilst i was at Windsor two residents said that whilst we have lived in Windsor (approximately ten years) tourists think Windsor is not only a successful tourist centre providing many historic scenes, famous areas and fun places like Legoland, but it is a place filled with information of our history making Windsor a British historic site representative and this fact makes Britain such a visited place by tourists which brings many benefits to the area and credit for the country. This proves that the first aim has been accomplished by Windsor by making it a successful tourist centre.

2. I have also found out if there is any form of conflict between residents and tourists. Currently, as my graph shows that many residents have problems with shop prices, crowds and parking facilities. However, the council has made a separate street for residents to shop in which has lower prices than at the close attraction areas. The council has also made roads going around the tourist areas so that they can avoid the rush. Even the parking facility have improved immenselely and has made it easier for residents so as currently all the main problems have been solved.

3. There isn't really any conflict between residents and tourists. The council has tried their best to make Windsor in both favours so that they can solve any sort of conflict between them to make it a peaceful yet successful tourist centre.

4. I reckon this investigation is very accurate because the questionnaire has been asked from all ages, of all genders and of races through primary data and the exchange of a few survey answers to make it a fair and accurate test.


In this project, I have proved that:

* Windsor is a successful tourist centre.

* There is a little conflict of interest between residents and tourists.

* However, the council has made sure that all problems for both sides have been solved.

In this project, I have learnt the role of the council in a community.

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