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The age 14--25 is an appropriate target audience for the story line I have chosen. My comic book is also aimed at boys which is stereotypical but I found that during my research cost boys buy darker, gorier comic books so this helped me pick the colors for my horror comic book front cover.

My comic book also represents the social group of people who Like dark, gothic, horror comics. I have achieved this through the use of dark colors. By using the Image of a superhero standing tall on the front of the page, this brings In the serious feel to horror. This can then be seen as the person In the image not wanting to mess about, linking to the horror theme again-I researched lots f gothic comic books before so had a very good knowledge of what a typical horror comic book front cover looked like.

In this image I decided to make the moon brighter to show the amount of light against the dark colors. Also, this made the comic book front cover stand out more to my audience. Using photos I also cut around the circle to there was no black to make the moon be more clear to the audience against the dark background. Through the process of constructing my product I have become much more advanced at using photos than I was before.

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It gave me a chance to use a lot of the features which I had not used before such as: the lasso tool which I found extremely helpful when transferring images onto my front cover. I used photos to edit my photos to make them look darker. If I was going to repeat this assignment I would of liked to of chosen a different purely because I am a girl so I am not very interested it that theme. Also, I would of liked to of chosen a different layout for my product because I feel like my comic book was not very original or creative.

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