Windsor Coursework

In my course work I will be investigating 3 main questions.

1. Is Windsor a successful tourist centre?

2. Is there a conflict of interest between resident and tourist?

3. What has been done to attempt in solving any conflict?

I will be analyzing the benefits and drawbacks for residents who live in a location which is a popular tourist centre. I will be investigating how popular Windsor is and what factors make it in to a good tourist attraction. Windsor can be located in the county of Berkshire. From London to Windsor via coach it approximately took an hour.


Tourism is when people from overseas or other cities have a holiday or day out in other certain areas for recreational or leisure purposes. Tourists can sometimes spend up to a single day or several weeks at the area they are touring .There are many types of tourist destinations such as beaches in Spain, mountains in Kenya, ice regions in the alps, religious pilgrimage like in Mecca and historical like Windsor. Tourist is the term used for a group of people that are touring a certain area.

There are many advantages of tourism. Tourism creates opportunities and provides a vast amount of jobs. Tourism makes a city richer, due to the tourist staying over at hotels and eating at restaurants, these places all pay tax to the government which gives the government more money to spend. Like for example Windsor is a rich area because the tourist spend a lot of money and the council use the money to develop the area .Tourism increases the popularity of a certain area and also builds a reputation for the place, when a lot of tourist come they will recommend it to other or re visit which makes even more tourist come. Tourism provides understanding and interaction with different races and cultures.

However there are many disadvantages of tourism. Tourism causes overcrowding; so many people densely packed in tourist attractions for example Oxford Street. Tourism also causes annoyance to the residents as they ask questions for directions etc. Tourism increases noise pollution and pollution as they have places to go, and places to see they will be using a lot of transport like buses and cars which causes more global warming, this is also connected to the increase of traffic on the streets.

Many factors are required to build up a good tourist centre. A good tourist centre must have many facilities of good quality to satisfy the needs of a tourist. In a good tourist centre there must be restaurants to eat, hotels to stay over for how ever long their stay is. There should be a leisure and sports centre. There should be a hospital if there is a problem with a tourist’s health. Good tourist’s attractions must provide toilets, places of entertainment, gyms, places of worship and shopping centres. There must be a main attraction for example France has the Eiffel tower and Windsor has Windsor castle.

A good place to live in needs to provide cheap transport like buses and train, as some families may not be able to afford a car. There needs to be places of education such as public school and colleges. There must be emergency services such as, fire brigades, ambulances, police officers. Of course there needs to be chemist and hospitals to look after the health of residents. Cheap shops, cheap super markets are required so families can buy food, clothing, and house hold goods for cheap prices.

Tourism has now increased in our modern society because of today’s transport which is much better and quicker, we are now able to get to the other

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side of the world in a matter of hours, 100 years ago we didn’t have Heathrow, British airlines, national express etc. Now it’s easier to use aero planes just simply book the ticket, trains are much faster gets you from destination A to B overcoming the problem of traffic, we have motorways and companies that let people travel in coaches .The world is much richer now so more people have money in their hands to spend, plus more people would like to go and enjoy holidays for relief of stress. People now days want to spend their money on leisure with family and friends. Instead of wanting to stay at home people desire to seek and visit other places for enjoyment.

What is Windsor?

Windsor is a small town located to the West of London on the outskirts just off the M4 at junction 6. You can get to Windsor by train, Windsor & Eton Riverside Rail Station; or at Windsor & Eton Central Rail Station or can travel on a bus/coach prices may vary with different agencies. Windsor is a popular tourist centre and is known as a historical attraction. Windsor has many attributes which makes it famous like Windsor castle, Windsor Great Park, the crooked house, the guild hall, Lego land, river and Peasecod Street. Windsor has the famous Eton College which David Cameron (the conservative party leader) and Prince William attended.

Tourist like to visit Windsor due to its interesting historical background, such as Windsor castle, which has been around for decades, and is still being used by the Queen during the weekends. Many Kings and Queens have lived in Windsor castle but isn’t the only thing to make Windsor famous. Windsor involves other historical content such as


Here I will summarise exactly what I did during the trip in Windsor. There is various ways in which how we can collect data, which consist of: Questionnaires, documentary evidence, observations and interviews.

Questionnaires – A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. The disadvantage for this method is that people may not have time to fill out the questionnaire and not fill it out for you. However a questionnaire enables you to design the questions you like and be able to gather the information you so require, therefore being my choice of method.

Observations- Is when one analyses the activity of a living being. If we were to observe how the people of Windsor and the tourist felt and so on it would have been largely time consuming and would only record the information we observe. But observing some time we could eventually be able to answer questions we want to know as we can observe how other tourist react in Windsor to.

Interviews- An interview is a conversation between two or more people, the interviewer and however many interviewees there maybe. When in an interview one may not feel completely comfortable when asked questions maybe they wouldn’t like to answer such as “what is your annual salary?”When in an interview you can see the reaction of the person you’re interviewing and unlike a questionnaire where the person writes down the answer you can fill out what the interviewee says.

Documentary evidence- Documentary evidence is any evidence introduced at a trial in the form of documents. But information may also be preserved through media.

The method which we chose was a questionnaire, due to it being effective inexpensive and having the ability to acquire as many answers in possible within a certain period of time.

We had arrived at Windsor, approximately around 10: 00 am, from coach. We had first past Queen Victoria’s transport, the stream train. Then we went to a couple of tourist stores and had picked up a Windsor maps to assist us around the place. We had walked down Peasecod Street and come across to different coloured post boxed, blue and red, also with an unused well alongside. We stood there, while the teacher explained to us more about Windsor. We then looked at the park, and viewed the amazing long path. From there our teacher sent us off to start the questionnaire.

We went off in groups of about 4 or 5. We went to the high street with all the shops and first approached a middle aged lady, and asked her if she could help us out in filling the survey. After her, we continued until we had asked 5 tourists. If some one rejected us and did not want to answer the survey, we walked away and said thank you for your time. This did not take long really, since there were so many people walking around. It approximately took about 15 minutes for our group. After that we had to look for 5 residents to help us out, and this took slightly longer as some were at work, university and so on. After about an hour, the job had been completed. I had filled in all gaps and questions on both sheets, and felt comfortable because my data was primary and reliable.

The following day as we went back to school, I had put the information from my survey in to a large collection data sheet. I made sure all my results were balanced and equal by putting in a variety of ages and gender .I totalled up all my results and had converted the results in to graphs. The graphs had all seemed to have a similar correlation.

I believe it is vital to have an equal and balanced sample of results to confirm, that my results are very reliable and fair.

Evaluation of method

My trip to Windsor was an enjoyable experience, and was good time learning about the history and attractions of Windsor. I could have improved my method by possibly practicing the questionnaire at school with my class mates, which would have made me more fluent when asking people to assist me in filling out my survey, and it would have boosted my confidence.

But the idea of standing on the main road where, there was a lot of shops was good, due to the fact many people were passing through. So it was not much of a problem in finding tourists to fill out the survey, and it was not time consuming.

I believe it would have been much easier if we were given a different segment of time to ask the residence of Windsor, as many of them were at work, university, college etc.

Primary research

Primary research is when you collect primary data by yourself. This is information that only you yourself has attained. My primary research was used to answer certain questions about Windsor. Primary research includes questionnaires and observations. Questionnaire is something I designed to collect the information that I required. I was able to answer the questions I choose to by using my primary research.

Secondary research

Secondary research is when you use information from an outside source. Where as in primary research you gather the information independently you gather information from places like the internet, library, and magazines. But may not be as reliable as primary since you haven’t gathered the information yourself.

Graphs of survey

Places that tourist chose to visit

This is a graph where tourist told us the places they have visited and places they have not. We can tell from this graph that the park and lego land was most popular amonsgt the tourist we had asked. Tourist seem to not want to attend the tours or visit the river. Lego land is most certainly a top attraction for windsor and must be gainig alot of income for the town.

Improvements needed in windsor according to tourist

This is a graph where tourist told us thing they felt needed to be improved, stuff which wasnt at the standard they had assumed. This graph tell us tourist was least impressed with the prices and traffic. Which is understandable because a normal can of coke is not at the regular price of 50p and the roads of windosr are constantly filled with cars and traffic jams.

Type of transport tourist used to reach windsor

People use Cars, trains and buses or coaches this shows windsor has many ways for tourist to visit windsor. Windsor provides many parking facilities for visitors. A lot of people came by coach or bus which displays to us there are companies and agencies providing transport for those who wish to visit windsor therefore windsor must be a good tourist centre if coach agencies are able to get customers to brintg to windsor. Windsor also has train stations around which tell us there are various ways to visit windsor what ever a tourist may feel to use.

Would tourist visit windsor again

This graph records whether tourist would definatly come to windosr again. Tourist are most content with windsor as we can see, only 2 people would not visit and 18 out of 20 people would definatly or is planning to visit windsor again. Surely the majority of tourist are impressed with windsor which must mean windsor is a good tourist centre.

Would tourist reccomend Windsor?

The tourist that have attended windsor told us if they would reccomend it to others such as family and friend or if they wouldn’t bother. Of course if you are willing to reccomend a tourist attraction it must be a succesful tourist centre, from the results 17 out of 20 tourist would or are going to reccomend windsor to others. Only 2 people said they wouldn’t reccomend windsor, therefore windsor must be a succesful tourist centre.

Attractions that tourist are planning to visit

This graphs shows us places where a set of tourist were planning to visit, many of them were planning to attend the tours and go lego land probaly due to the children with them. Tourist must have been told or seen in a brochure the attractions of windsor and were here to view it them selves.

Improvements needed according to residents

This is a graph that tells us what improvements residents felt that needed to be taken. From this graph we can tell traffic, pedestrians and prices are the things residents are not happy with. Most residents are ok about the toilets and cafes. However like the tourist residents are not enjoying the roads constantly packed with cars.

Are there places residents would not go to avoid tourist?

6 out of 20 residents that I asked wouldn’t go to certain places due to tourists this somewhat shows to us there are certain places residents do not feel comfortable to go due to tourist. This proves there must be a conflict of interest if residents avoid certain places in their own home due to tourists.

Do residents feel there is any conflict with tourist?

Only a few tourist feel that there is some sort of conflict. But I doubt anything major that would escalate to some sort of physical contact. Tourist do not feel as comfortable with tourist and pretty much have to put up with it all the time, new people coming to see windsor which is their home town. I personally believe the conflict is not of much interest and is of little importance as it is only 5 out of 20 people feel there is some sort of conflict.

What benefits residents feel that tourist bring

This graphs shows what things tourist bring to windsor according to residents. The graph shows that Tourist help out the most with reputation as to why so may people visit, income spending a lot of money on the attractons and other things to buy e.g. food and facilities such as good attractive restaurants.

Evalutaion of my results

In this paragraph I will explain what I have discovered from my results, and answer the three main questions according to my results. In my personal opinion Windsor is a good tourist centre and the graphs that were produced from the information I gathered from the tourists and residents of windsor . My results show that 18 out of 20 people I asked would visit windsor again and that 17 out of 20 would recommend Windsor to family and friends these results show that the tourist are happy and impressed with there trip to windsor and what windsor had to offer them as a whole. Therefore yes windssor is a succesful tourist centre which means there are a large number of tourist visiting regularly.

There is a conflict of intrest as you can see the residents do not like so many cars coming in and out of windsor because it causes to much traffic and means there is more noise and pollution created by the tourists and also the tourist pedestrians walking around means residents tend to avoid leaving the house due to overcrowding. Also tourist feel they are treated unfairly due to Residents being entitled to something knows as ” The advantage card” which allows resident to visit the attractions 3 times a year for free. Even though tourist may feel its unfair as they have to pay the expensive cost to enter an attraction I feel it is fair as residents should benefit from something since they are living there. The council may have plans to widen roads and pavements to lessen the congestion cause by the tourist thus making life easier for both residents and tourists.


The information that I have gathered (primary and secondary) shows us how Windsor is a successful tourist centre. This is proven by the graphs, also there is a conflict of interest between tourists and residents as we can see resident are annoyed with tourist for constantly coming in and out of the places they live in. Tourists feel that it’s unfair since residents get the advantage card. I myself feel Windsor is a great place and would definitely visit again maybe with more friend and family. Windsor is beautiful has an amazing historical background and everything seem to be so cheerful, however of course I do feel that traffic could be improved on and the prices for some goods are higher for the tourists than they are for the residents of Windsor.

According to my results it clearly shows that Windsor is a very succesful tourist centre and the tourist really enjoyed visiting Windsor as my results shows that the ratings of every single attrations in Windsor is very high. The second important point which im going to make is that there is a big conflict between the tourist and the residents as the residents don’t like the way the prices in Windsor keep going up every time, the toilets, parking and the streets being very crowded.

Local authority has made a lot of effort to resolve the conflict for e.g. they have introduced advantage cards to the residents through which residents can visit all the attratcions in Windsor for a cheap price and they also have free parking. The council has tried to seperate the tourist and residents by dividing them in to two different areas of town for example when the tourist arrive in Windsor that part of the town is very far away from the residential bit of the town and the prices in that area is very high compared to other areas of the town. All of my graphs prove that my hypothesis was correct and Windsor is a very successful tourist centre but there is a lot of conflict in interest between the tourist and the residents.

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