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Why Is History so Important

Essay Topic:

Why is History so important? My mom always told me “History means past, present, and future.History is part of your life, the meaning of your present and the plans for your future.So never forget your past in order to not lose your future.

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” To be honest I always thought my mom was talking about my ancestors and my entire family tree. You know when you want to know the family diseases that can be hereditary you look at your family tree; you do the same to know all the possibilities for an offspring to be blond or burnet.

Well I think you got the point right? What my mom really tried to say is that my past is important because is all I learned from my experiences and mistakes and those mistakes are somehow the foot notes on my mind, responsible of telling me “hey you!! Don’t do the same stupid things all over again!! ” Now let’s talk about the important stuff our history class.History is the study of the past, is the job of people who want to know about important things that changed the course of a person, a state, a country or the world. History is the most vital evidence to figure out ways to make or lives more comfortable and a compromise to make a change for a better future. In other words History is the tool to understand people, and different social structures. That’s why History is so important and essential to all of us.

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