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Welcome parents and guardians. My name isaosfh. I am a student in Ib. Ib is an intense academic program that prepares students for success in university and life in general. Every one of us has goals that they want to accomplish and succeed; Ib helps push our limits and inspires us to reach those goals. Being in high school is different compared to middle school. It has it’s ups and downs. At times the homework load is heavy, and at times it’s not. However, with the right time management and organization skills your child will be just fine.

Organization is an important skill you need not only in school but through out life. During middle school you only had one or two assignments you needed to complete, but high school is very different. If you don’t organize your time well, you will be stressed out from the homework load. During the first three weeks when school began, it was a big shock. It felt as if I had lost my social life, and was spending hours staying up late trying to complete projects.

This was because I had bad work habits and left everything to the last minute. Because of my disorganization, my marks weren’t as high as they could be, and I wasn’t living up to my full potential. Then one day my teacher explained to us of things we could do to create more time for ourselves. The main thing she kept saying over and over was organization. So slowly, I started to improve my work habits. My first step was using my agenda.

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It is now my best friend, with it I know exactly what homework we have and I can record the time periods for how long I want to work on the assignment. Instead of doing the assignment all at the last minute, I’ve started breaking it up into little pieces. I am now not as overwhelmed, and I know I’m working harder then ever. By organizing my time I have eliminated any distractions I had in the past, and complete my homework it on time and with care. I now work more efficiently and am able to accomplish tasks. I also have regained my social life!

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