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Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse

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This is a question on my application for nursing school, and I am sure for many others. I have an honest answer, but I believe it may sound cliche that I "want to help people" and make me highlight how undecisive I have been in my professional goals. This isn't my essay- I am nowhere near starting it. What are your reasons for becoming a nurse? I promise I won't use your responses, I just want to get the ball rolling.  I spent one year working on the Navajo resevation, as a speech therapist.

I really never intended to make speech-therapy a career, but after taking general pre-reqs needed for all health careers, I was immature and chose the shortest route so I could get married- a BS in speech therapy was one year of very slow-paced classes for me at that point. This is staying out of my essay, b/c it was a very stupid choice) It sincerly bothered me when I was supposed to teach children how to make an R, when thier health and nutritional status was severly compromised. I wound up using my therapy supply budjet on food to give the kids during thier sessions, and made my own supplies. There is very little healthcare available on the reservation, and my time spent there made me realize what a modern marvel the healthcare, antibiotics, and nursing care really is. Some people really don't have that!! When I was sick myself, I drove over 100 miles to phoenix or  winslow.Most of the natives don't have cars, so they wait a week or so for the public health dr to make it there, take a day off from work, and wait literally a whole day to be seen and still won't get in 1/2 the time. I want to help people with their most basic needs and be the backbone of healthcare.

I am now a CNA in Omaha, which has lots of nursing schools. (huge pay-cut but I love nursing that much!! ), I love providing essential care, and I will love being an RN.

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse

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