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Sainsbury’s ; keep customers interested in products they sell

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As a large organisation it is important for Sainsbury's to try their very best to keep customers interested in products they sell. By using different marketing techniques Sainsbury's manages to increase demand for products it sells. A method Sainsbury's could use to help identify different markets could be Market Segmentation. This is where the market is split up into several segments allowing a business to focus on achieving smaller goals.

Once Sainsbury's identifies the segments in the market it will be able to match relevant promotional and marketing techniques to each segment. There are several techniques Sainsbury's uses to sell their 'taste the difference' product range which I will now discuss. First of all Sainsbury's use 'Psychological Pricing' (e. g. Sainsbury's coleslaw, taste the difference i?? 0. 98) this makes the customer mind believe they are getting a good offer as it is less than i?? 1 but in actual fact they are only saving 2p. This strategy convinces customers to purchase more products.

Another marketing technique Sainsbury's use is 'Special Offers' offering discounts such as '33%' make the customer more likely to buy a product. Also offering two of a particular product for a cheaper price (e. g. Sainsbury's chocolate ginger cookies, taste the difference i?? 1. 16 or 2 for i?? 2. 00) this is only a saving of 32p but as it is a save money offer it appeals to customers. Branding is yet another marketing technique used by Sainsbury's. It is recognised that brands are one of the most influencing factors when it comes to buying decisions and customer choice.

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Sainsbury's have recognised this and have come up with a strategy to split their own brand of product into separate segments, offering normal Sainsbury's branded products for those who have being effected more than others by the credit crunch. As well as their own "taste the difference" range for customers who would rather pay a little more money for a better quality product. Sainsbury's manage to gain more customers by placing these products next to other similar products which are of a different brand.

Doing such can make a person differ from their usual choice of brand and choose a Sainsbury's option. The continuous reminder of the quality of the 'taste the difference' range may make customers choose to buy the Sainsbury's 'taste the difference' range. This is because many people have high standards when it comes to food quality. Another marketing technique Sainsbury's use is Jamie Oliver. Sainsbury's use Jamie as a marketing method by having him promote their foods and show how dramatic yet healthy meals can be made at low costs from Sainsbury's products.

Also as Jamie is a famous chef it may encourage people to try out Sainsbury's foods as having someone this famous looks very good for the business. Finally, Sainsbury's make good use of the internet as a marketing technique. They offer and online service to the public which also provides a delivery service. Offering free delivery on orders over i?? 100. This may persuade customers who do not have time to go shopping to shop online with Sainsbury's. I believe this range is aimed at customers who have quality as their prime concern from food.

These people are usually willing to pay a little extra for a better quality food product. As there are more than 350 foods in the range it meets many customers' wants. It includes: breads, ready meals, fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and grocery items. Sainsbury's also has several competitors offering the same sort of service to their customers. One of these is Morrisons, who offer 'The Best' range. For Sainsbury's to remain more valued by customers it must continuously monitor competitors such as Morrisons to ensure their products are of higher quality and better prices.

Sainsbury's could improve their level of custom by developing their marketing strategy further. They could offer more products at 'save cost' prices. They could also begin to put save money vouchers on packaging of products to convince customers to buy products. Another method Sainsbury's could use could be buy something get something half price (e. g. buy pasta sauce get pasta half price). As we are currently in a credit crunch offers such as these will appeal to customers. Also Sainsbury's could offer a service of catering for foods which could attract people from other cultures.

(e. g. introducing Halaal meat could gain much custom from Halaal food eating members of the public) catering to other cultures could gain much more custom and interest for Sainsbury's. Another way Sainsbury's could improve their level of custom could be to open more stores in locations close to family homes. This would mean that individuals or families that do not have means of transport can also visit the store. This could build up the level of interest for Sainsbury's dramatically if stores are opened in the correct location(s).

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