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When Disruptive Technologies Attack

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Christensen, in his article, it says that in the mainstream market, there is the idea of covering products that could sweep the mainstream trend in the market. This disruptive technologies appear not so in demand to the customers. However, as these disruptive technologies undergo improvement and continuously interrupt the flagship of the mainstream industry, it would make sense to the customers until it overrun the modern and mainstream trend in the market.

And companies would tend to look for those products that have potential of being disruptive technologies, then eventually send it to the market and disturb the noise of the mainstream by the commotion of its disruption. Among the examples that have been presented by Christensen, I was most persuaded by his citation of the hard disk and its development in the industry. This example could be witnessed by every one of us.

Aside from the fact that he presented a recent study on the particular hard disk industry, the hard facts and the data presented in the text were all comprehensive such that it showed clearly the trend of how the hard disks became one of disruptive technology. Also, nowadays, we really witnessed and experienced the disruption of hard disk industry especially those who owned a personal computer or computer notebook. This could be more appreciative in terms of the people and readers for them to understand more about the disruptive technologies and hot it works. There are different ways in which companies make these disruptive technologies.

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One of their way to come up with such product is through identification of the potentiality of a product, that is, if it could be disruptive or not. They use some basis like the supporters of the product to come out in the market. Obviously, those in higher positions like managers and marketing officers would disagree in disruptive technologies sine the incentive of making profit here is at high stake. Another way is that companies locate the target project after identifying one product if it is disruptive or not. In this case, they prefer the target which has lower risk of emerging the product as threat or otherwise, it would be a threat.

It is one of the most critical ways since it would determine the outcome of being a disruptive product to the industry. And still, another way is the establishment of an organization that would be a fixed factor for the disruptive product to surpass the mainstream market. At this point, well established companies are mostly the ones who could form such organizations which are often called disruptive organization. At one point or another, Christensen’s thesis has managed to present all sides in the aspect of emerging disruptive technologies. Thus, no points of rebuttals could make sense after the good presentation of the trend and processes.


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