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What Should Parents Do to Be Able to Handle Their Children Properly?

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Parents play an important role in a child's life. I don't think that there are ideal parents, as nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes at some point. However I consider every parent to be unique, who has its own style in rearing their children and do what they find the best for their offspring.

Playing many parts in the life of the growing child, home is the natural source of affection, the place where a child can live with the sense of security; it educates him in all sorts of ways, provides him with his opportunities of recreation and affects his status in society. It must be quite obvious that if a child doesn't spend his formative years in love and security, feeling part of the family, he will feel neglected, because what children need is to live in an atmosphere of calm and quiet.

The happiest homes are those in which parents are frankly honest with their children without moralizing. Fear does not enter these homes. Grown-ups and children are pals, treating each other like equals. The happiness and well-being of children depend on a degree of love and approval parents give them. Being on a child's side is not only giving sentimental love to him, but behaving to the child in such a way he feels you love him and approve of him.

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Providing an affectionate background for childhood is a very important aspect of up-bringing. The childhood spent with heartless, indifferent or quarrelsome parents or in a broken home makes a child permanently embittered. Nothing can compensate for lack of parental affection. When the home is a loveless one, the children are impersonal and even hostile.

That's why ideal parents know how to create the right atmosphere so that their children are comfortable talking to them about anything in their mind, feeling free to discuss even sensitive or difficult issues. Such parents are able to listen to their children with understanding and sympathy lest it should be difficult enough for them to open their hearts, when they really need a piece of advice. Setting a good examples themselves, adults should teach children manners. Moreover, it's necessary that parents must concentrating on a child's strength rather than weakness, keeping away from general remarks about his personality. Otherwise it would shake his confidence or offend his self-respect. A parent should accept his or her children for who they are and not to put so much hopes and expectations on them.

Ideal parents encourage and guide their children to making their own decisions and never force their will on them. If adults imposed anything on children by authority, they mightn't avoid statements which can create arguments and tension. Being firm and well-disciplined are essential qualities an ideal parent should have. To develop a child to be a well-behaved and well-mannered individual, a parent should correct a child's wrongdoings so that useful values could be instilled into the child. For this matter, ideal parents should avoid using undesirable forms of punishment, having capacity to restrain anger, not screaming and yelling at a child lest they could develop psychological damage. And what is worse a child might work out all sorts of schemes for revenge, becoming full of resentment.

To sum up, I suggest that parents should read some books on handling children, if they want to avoid numerous pitfalls. However, it must be too hard to be an ideal parent. So we must be grateful for parents that we have because they have sacrificed their time and energy for us.

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