How To Properly Raise Moral Qualities In Children

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Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion As our society progressed, people are placing more emphasis on education. This is because many feel that education is the key for higher standard of living. With such belief in mind, many dependent on school to give their children best education and expect children to be more rounded people.

Thus, many blamed schools and our ducational system when a educated person turns to be harmful and destructive to society. Whereas, others hold the view that parents should be responsible for such cases. In my view, both family and schools are important in enforcing the right moral concept in children. There is no doubt that schools should be a place where to teach children moral concepts while naturing talents. Ideally, schools have the responsibility to guide children what is right and wrong.

This is because children are usually too young to understand the consequences of being wrong, they always go according to their curiosity. Hence, schools should play a role as guidance or supervisor to constantly remind them what to do and not to do. Moreover, the fundamental and original purpose of school is establishing a constitution to guide and teach youths not only to be more knowledgeable, but more importantly to be a better man who is useful and responsible to society. Therefore, schools have the responsibility to guide children and pull them back if they are on the wrong track.

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However, with increasing competitiveness among all the schools, more and more schools only emphasis on academic achievement of children in nowadays. This led to lack of moral education for children. Hence, schools should have the responsibility to instill moral senses in children, but it is increasingly neglected by our educators in nowadays. However, we should not fully blame schools for the responsibility of not teaching children the right moral senses, parents is equally important factor in developing one's character and moral.

As a famous saying goes, parents are children's first teacher. It is true that parents' influences are much more powerful than schools. According to a report, two third of the criminals are from broken or brutal family. From psychological point of view, it is also more likely for a child to become a violent person if his parents are brutal. It is also possible for this child to hatred or resent towards society. Hence, it is clearly demonstrated that parents should hold the responsibility to teach children how to be good member of the society.

Thus, it is undeniable that parents play a significant role in developing one's moral concept. Question: nowadays the way people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development? With the invention of communication technology, our daily life has been greatly reshaped in many aspects. People seem to be more dependent on communication technology such as telephones, internet.

Many was then questioned that technology has made us to be stranger to each other. However, the supporters of technology development defend that technology has benefited us in many ways. In my view, technology has enabled us to have a closer relationship than before. Critics often argue that technology has made us to be stranger to each other. It is observed there s less face to face interaction between people. This is because people see little needs for them to communicate face to face with the presence of communication technology.

Communication technology allows us to send our messages instantaneously and conveniently. Thus, many people, especially the youths are afraid of communicate with strangers or speak up in public. Therefore, it seems that people become less friendly towards their neighbour. Hence, communication technology indeed changed our relationship among neighbors. The communication technology does not only changed our neighborhood relationship, but also our family elationship. It is not uncommon for one to heard complains that children are less engaging in family interaction from parents.

Many parents complained that children always play computer game instead of spending time with them. Many youths like to express their feelings or tell their secrets to online strangers rather than their family members. Hence, it appears that the relationship between family members is weakening. This can be further supported by a new report which conveyed a Japanese mother left her 5 moths old child starve to death as she was so indulged in computer games. This clearly demonstrated how technology has indeed affect the relationship we have now.

However, it is undeniable that communication technology does improve our social relationship in one way or another. Communication technology such as internet enables us to keep in touch with our family and friends even from far distant. Web camera enables us to meet with our friends oversea and which in turn strengthens our friendships. Moreover, with presence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitters, we are now able to find more new friends within our social groups like schoolmates. It also allows us to find old friends whom e have previously lost contact.

Thus, technology provide a platform for us to make more friends and widen our social cycles. Therefore, communication technology strengths and provide new opportunity for our relationships. In conclusion, without and the friends we make. Technology is like a coin which has two sides. However, it is merely a tool for us communicate. Hence, we should not blamed technology for changing our social life, but , in fact, it is the way we use it which changes our lifestyle.

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