Work With Parents to Meet their Children’s Needs

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Explain changes which parenthood makes to the lives of parents. Before a child is even born the parents are adapting theirs lives getting ready for it to change into something they can only imagine what it will be like. A process of bonding is their when the child is born, imagining what it would be like to hitting reality of what parenthood is like. Parents have to care for a child in so many ways, teaching them different things and being that role model to live their life good like they have.

When a child is able to talk then the parenthood changes again and adapts in other ways from what they have when the child was born. They are faced with questions about their priorities, about how much time they should give to the baby, and how much time to devote to other aspects of life. Parents face all kinds of authority and rules what should be sett for children and learning to make that decision if it is broken.

Parents can imagine how they could be towards their child, not getting angry or annoyed during different times, setting boundaries and making an image of what they be like when in fact it changes at each stage of child development. As they grow older parents may start to evaluate how they have been in the past, especially due to a child’s behaviour. Changing and figuring out how they want to interpret and answer their children’s questions. Showing what type of knowledge and skills they may have. They compare themselves to other parents, teachers and child care staff to see if they are doing right or wrong or agreeing weather they do it right.

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The older the child gets the more they realise their child is not them. Parents have to decide when to say yes and when to say no, pressurised into buying them things this happens throughout the ages especially when they are younger. Parents are pressurised into buying children almost anything because they think if they do not do so and make them fit in like everyone else they then label themselves as bad parents which is not the case. They are the decision maker of the child up until their old enough to make them there selves which is another point of pressure for them as the child gets older.

Parents lead by example, they can change as much as a child will change but they will only change because their leader has. A child grows all the time and throughout parenthood it changes each day, feeding out of a bottle to eating adult’s meals or nappies to pants. Parenthood is a learning curve to each parent and they are changing all the time to meet the needs of a child. Children enjoy being like everyone else, if someone has a toy they like they automatically need that toy or if someone has a new gadget they have to try then want want want.

Some children see it as an offence not to get what they want there and then and this cause’s arguments, crying, behaviour problems, and friction in the relationship. Social networks are a point of call where the parent makes a big decision on letting them use it or not, if they don’t will they go ahead anyway and get into trouble if they don’t know about it or if they let them what happens if bulling happens. Social networking is a rather dangerous place to go and for a parent it’s even scarier because it’s letting the protection of them go a little when they are using the internet of social network sites.

Children need their independence and will take pleasure in having this authority but the parent needs to trust their children and loose control a little but also watch them on what they are doing and visualising. Children change through the years of being a child but parents also get older and things start to change depending on the ages of parents some get a lot older and not as clued up as others as to what children get up to in the new generation and some do not let any of them out of their site but as children grow older they become more independent and form new relationships, friendships and move to higher education.

From a young age children are left under the care of another adult other than the parent such as play days, nurseries, parties and so many more places, trusting those in their care to look after their child safely and properly is a huge issue parents face every day, as they grow older they are left at primary school, secondary school, college and university then they are left in there own care when they are old enough just because a child has grown into an adult does not mean a parent will change there way of thinking or caring for them if anything it will grow stronger after the years of creating the relationship you have with a child.

As children grow older and mix more with other aged children it becomes a worry for parents to know if their child is being bullied at school or college, handling and dealing with the issue is a stressful time because they have to be adult about it and deal with it in a responsible manor.

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