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What Is Demarketing

What is de-marketing? De-marketing is a process to make a product less attractive (so that the demand of the product will reduce). The company will take measures to decrease the demand of customers on a product. A good example of de-marketing is cigarettes.

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Companies put phrases as ‘’smoking kills’’ on the boxes of their cigarettes, to make people aware of the hazards of smoking. They hope this measure will reduce the amount of smokers in the world.

This is a great example for de-marketing. I found the following article on the internet: Hungary institutes hamburger-tax. Link of article: http://www. ibtimes. com/hungary-institutes-hamburger-tax-293105) The article is about the fact that Hungary institutes a tax on unhealthy food. They will raise the taxes on food that deems unhealthy, such as hamburgers, energy drinks, salted nuts, crisps and other ‘’junk food’’. I think this is an example of de-marketing, because they try to make unhealthy food less attractive (with raising the taxes on it), in the hope people will buy it less and consume more healthy food.

Another example of de-marketing is on the following product: Magnum Ice creams. ’ Een beroemde “De-marketing” case: Magnum ijsjes! In het eerste jaar dat de magnum ijsjes op de markt kwamen kon men niet of nauwelijks aan de vraag voldoen. Men kon de prijs verhogen, maar men koos voor het minder aantrekkelijk maken van het product. Zo werden de mooi ontworpen verpakking vervangen door gewoon een simpele zilverkleurige folie. Het product zag er gewoon wat minder aantrekkelijk uit. Daarnaast werd er juist een grote marketing campagne gestart om de vraag naar Cornetto’s te verhogen.

Hiermee zou de vraag naar Magnums ook iets dalen. I will summarize this article: In the first years that Magnum (the ice cream brand) was active, the demand to their product was so high, that the company could not satisfy the demand of their customers. To reduce the demand for Magnum ice creams, they put the ice creams in simple gray wrapping paper to make the packing less attractive. Another measure they took, was to introduce the ‘’Cornetto’’ (another product of the company). This would reduce the demand of magnums slightly.