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The Social, Political and Economical Factors Behind it

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Many social, economical and political factors played a major role in Hitter's incredible rise to power. These included Germany's economic and political instability, increasing violence, and a need for an authoritarian leader. The Great Depression, faulty political procedure, disillusioned voters, the weakness of the Whimper Republic, Nazi tactics and Hitter's excellent leadership skills also influenced Hitter's rise to power. The weakness in the running of the government was one of the most important political factors that aided Hitter's rise to power.

The first five years of the Whimper Republic were full of difficulties. It all started when the new government was forced to sign a harsh peace Treaty. The humiliation of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles was Just the start of many of the government's faults. The treaty had the effect of humiliating the German nation and this lead to a desire in many Germans, including Hitler, to see their nation once again take it's place in the world through a strong nationalist government.

To prove he could be the one to do this, Hitler made it clear o Germans in his appealing speeches that the Treaty was the cause of many of Germany's economical problems. He also explained that he would fix this by tearing up the Treaty of Versailles. In 1923, the Whimper Republic made another huge fault. Due to economic fragility, the German government didn't keep up with its reparations. This lead to a problem called hyperinflation and the savings of the German people became worthless overnight. The inflation was staggering and the economy was ruined.

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Germans had lost their trust in the Whimper Republic. This helped Hitler to gain support as Germans had begun to hate the Whimper Republic. With the Whimper out of the way, Hitler could take power more easily. Also, there was a growing debt and as prices fell, rural Germany became a source of support for Hitler. In November 1923, Hitler and the Nazi party held a putsch, in Munich, in an attempt to seize the government. However, the putsch failed badly and Hitler was arrested. Although the putsch was unsuccessful in seizing the government, it was in fact a massive turning point for the Nazi party.

Firstly, Hitler learnt through his mistakes that power could not be achieved by force. Secondly, the events in Munich gave Hitler and his party instant publicity and he moved from being a relatively unknown politician to a national figure. Finally, it became clear to Hitler that he could never hold power without the support of the army. In 1929, Germany entered a deep economic depression. The nation was isolated and the economy was in crisis. Germans blamed the government for yet another decline in their economy and when elections came, they voted for extremist parties, including

Hitler, who claimed they knew how to fix these terrible problems. The rise in unemployment and economic instability caused by the depression gave Hitter's speeches and ideas more importance. Hitter's message had an appeal to the disillusioned middle class, who suffered badly in the depression. Thus, people were again interested in the views of the Nazi party. Hitter's amazing oratorical personality and leadership skills also helped him rise into power. He was magnificent at building up anticipation and expectation.

In his enchanting speeches, Hitler offered the Germans what they needed most, encouragement. It captured the imagination of a disillusioned population and gave them fresh hope. An image had been created of a powerful party with strong leadership. Through the use of political exploitation, extraordinary use of propaganda, Hitter's oratorical skills and immense charisma, and the Whimper Republic's own created faults, Hitler and his Nazi party were able to seize power in a country shattered by failure of democracy, and a huge national crisis.

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