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Pornography degrades values that are held in high regard in a society. Pornography ought to be recognized as a form of free speech. And B B and C Question 8. 8. Which statement might be used to argue that pornography ought to be extensively regulated? (Points : 1) Pornography demonstrates realistic forms of sexual intercourse. Pornography provides enjoyment to millions of people. Pornography denigrates women. Pornography creates realistic perspectives about healthy relationships. None of the above Question 9. 9.

Which statement might a libertarian most agree with? (Points : 1) The state should be responsible for the welfare of its citizens. The state should be allowed to restrict freedom whenever it deems it necessary to do so. Tate should restrict freedoms based on the greatest happiness of the citizens. The state should only be allowed to restrict behavior that harms others. None of the above Question 10. 10. John Stuart Mill would most agree with which statement? (Points : 1) The government cannot limit freedoms of the citizens without circumstantial evidence.

The government can only limit freedom when people's actions would harm themselves. The government can only limit freedom when people's actions would harm others. The government cannot limit freedoms of the citizens without forensic evidence. Study all 40 terms Study O Terms only Most philosophers believe that intentions are important when Judging the morality of an action, but for utilitarian the sole criterion is the action's consequences. True Which of the following expressions would you be most likely to hear utilitarian using to Justify their actions? The ends Justify the means. " Which of the following factors should be taken into consideration when performing Bantam's utilitarian calculus? The intensity of pleasure. 1 . In the early sass during times of revolution, rape, rampage, and chaos in certain areas of the world, the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy supplied its nuns with birth control pills. The reasoning was that, although the church opposed use of the Pill, the risk of rape and resultant pregnancy was so great as to override religious objections to the Pill.

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This Justification illustrates what sort of ethical system? Utilitarian Regarding the confinement raising of chickens for food, Jeremy Beneath would most likely argue that it is Not morally acceptable because chickens experience pain. According to utilitarianism individual happiness is the highest moral good. People achieve happiness by pursuing their rational self-interests. Therefore, people ought to pursue their rational self-interests. False Which of the following did Mill regard as our most important moral duty/right?

Malefaction Suppose that an anti-abortionist assassinates an abortionist, claiming that, "The end justifies the means: It is better to kill one human now, than to allow that person to kill many humans (perform abortions) in the future. " This assassin's reasoning adheres to which ethical system. To a rule-utilitarian, we should in any particular situation, follow the rule that in mineral brings about the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Utilitarian would support voluntary euthanasia, especially when the pain in a person's life outweighs the pleasure that he or she derives from living.

According to which ethical system does the rightness or wrongness of an act depend on the act itself and not on its consequences? Deontological system Ethnologist S. Book suggests that, although lying is generally wrong, there may be isolated cases where the duty to lie conflicts with the more important duty to protect innocent human life. In these cases, lying may be morally Justified. This view will lead to the notion of: Prima facie duties. The development of proper self-esteem (the duty of self-improvement) in Demonology requires that we: Cultivate the good will.

Which of the following, according to Kant, is a characteristic of moral maxims and duties? They are universally binding. According to prima facie ethnologists, a moral duty is binding unless it: Conflicts with a more compelling moral duty. Dry. Jack Sovereign has assisted numerous people in committing suicide, each of whom felt that his or her life was no longer worth living because of disease, disability, r terminal illness. Which of the following people would be most likely to disapprove of Dry.

Asseveration's actions? Emmanuel Kant The categorical imperative requires us to: Always treat persons as ends-in-themselves. Identify the philosopher who said: "so act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of any other, in every case as an end in itself, never as a means only. " Emmanuel Kant. "Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law," is an ethical principle advocated by: Cant's demonologies.

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