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India is an agricultural country. So, it is a country of villages. Most of the Indians live in the villages. India cannot improve if her villages do not improve. The present condition of villages: The present condition of the Indian villages is very bad. The Indian villagers are ignorant. That do not know how to read and write. They do not know hygiene. They rest upon the superstition and the blind faith. Hence, they fall easy prey to the epidemics. Their health is also very bad. They are weak and frail. Their outlook is very limited.

They quarrel among themselves over petty affairs. The village touts and litigants drag the innocent people into bad litigation. People do not know improved method of cultivation. They have forgotten their traditional cottage industry. Hence, their financial condition is not good. The able-bodied young villagers flock to the cities to work in the factory. So, the agriculture suffer in the village area. The bullocks are neglected. The cows are very poorly milch. How to uplift the village: The literate people, the students and the educated persons should look to this problem.

Free and compulsory primary schools should be opened in every village. Night schools should be opened for the grown-up people. The villages should keep their village neat and clean. Sanitary work should be regularly done. Dispensary should be opened in every village centre. People should be taught improved method of farming. The village industries should be revived. The cattle wealth of the villages should be looked after. Bee-keeping and poultry-farming should be encouraged in the villages. The village Panchayat should be active in the respect.

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The villages should not quarrel among themselves over the pretty affairs. Co-operation, good neighborly-hood and fraternity should be infused among them. Co-operative farming should be encouraged. Conclusion: Village upliftment is no doubt necessary. The villagers should know their duty for this. They should think of the welfare of their village. The Government has provided Community Project, National Extension Scheme and the village Panchayat system. The villagers should make the best use of them.

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