Communication in the Virtual Workplace

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Wal-Mart is number one in the Retail Giant Corporation across United States of America, and is the leading retail store in fifteen other countries. Wal-Mart continues to seek new and innovated ways to reach its customers on a daily basis. The store believes its success has been base upon its customers and being able to reach them with the new technologies of this Modern Age. The wave of the internet shopping has open just another door for customer that are unable to get out and shop are that are just too busy.

Wal-Mart’s website is the Wal-Mart store but virtual and the website as well has lower prices that fits everyone’s budget. Wal-Mart has the slogan of rolling back prices with Smiley the Happy Face. The Wal-Mart motto is to save money and live better. The website carries an advantage over the store because a person of any age can navigate the website. Every customer can do his or her one-stop shopping from home, work or wherever there is a computer, and receive free delivery to the nearest store, let’s compare that to Target.

Reflection of Wal-Mart Image and Values: Wal-Mart’s website is a great reflection on the company’s brand image. The store is a one-stop shop store and the company has designed the website as a direct duplicate of the store. In the store the customer can actually see an item unlike the website where the customer has to rely on a picture of the item. The website also carries an advantage over the store because a customer can do his or her one-stop shopping from home, work or wherever there is a computer, which is easy shopping during the holiday season.

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The website is worthy on the company because the website allows the customer to see what is in stock either online or at a store near the customer. Wal-Mart’s website offers their customers free shipping from website to a store near the customer unlike Target’s where the customer have to spend $50 to get free shipping. Navigation, Visitor Friendly: The website is as easy to navigate as a child learning to speak. The customer can find every department online as in the store. Wal-Mart’s focus came from its founder Sam Walton who was cheap and focused on lower prices everywhere and everyday. Mr.

Walton made lower prices everyday his motto and that have been Wal-Mart’s message since 1962 and it is that very message that gives even low income families an opportunity to shop in the store and now online. Up To Date Information: The Wal-Mart web page is current and kept up-to-date with what is going on in stores around the country. The Wal-Mart motto is “Save Money, Live Better”, (Wal-Mart, 2007). A customer can utilize Wal-Mart’s website to his or her advantage by receiving better deals than the store. While analyzing the website there was one thing that stood out this was toys and video games.

Wal-Mart knows the interest of its customers and understands some parent visits the stores and the website simply because of he need of new video games and toys. So Wal-Mart emphasizes video games and other toys on its website to attract children whom will alert the parents about new things. Wal-Mart then works the other angle and caters to the parents with things of interest. One of the best features about Wal-Mart’s website is the help link it offers. The help link will remain on the web page regardless of what page the customer is and it assist the customer at anytime.

Evaluation of the graphic elements: The evaluation of the graphic elements of the Wal-Mart website is great. It is very eye catching for the customers like me who do not like to read. The picture’s Wal-Mart has takes you to whatever you want to look into buying. The website is designed very effectively because it assists the consumer with even purchasing the items. When a 72” plasma screen is all colorful and looking at you for a good price all you need to do is input your credit card number, address, and receive your confirmation number and within four to six weeks you will have a special delivery.

Then you do not have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home and finding someone to assist you with the weight of a 72” plasma television. There are plenty of different links to help you make your final purchase and also they are in the right places at the right time. There is also a 1-800 telephone number at the bottom of some of the links to also help you with your purchase if you get a little confused or if you purchase too much when the total comes up and you may need to remove several items.

Although the use of color and the multimedia is throughout the website, I do not believe it is too much. The color helps attract the customers who claim they are just looking and pulls them in to be regular customers online. Things about the website: Wal-Mart’s slogan is, “In everything we do, we’re driven by a common mission; and that is to save people money, so they can live better” (Wal-Mart, NA). That slogan is one of the many reasons why customers want to stay, rather than move on to another site.

There are several reasons why customers are loyal and stay with Wal-Mart such as the straight forward facts that the customer could get news updates about Wal-Mart, the customer could download music, gift cards, and a whole lot more. The customer is able to access corporate information on Wal-Mart, employment opportunities, stock information, and the history of Wal-Mart on the website. To shop for a quality products for a low price, shop on Wal-Mart’s website! What draws the attention of the customer to the website the first time will allow the customer to return to the website many more times. “SAVE MONEY, LIVE BETTER” (Wal-Mart, NA).

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