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Weber Miscarried University In today's world a topic that is becoming more popular by numerous infamous scandals is that of business ethics. With companies and businesses alike now realizing that their consumers care about how the operations work in the company can affect their sales they are becoming more aware of how to run operations ethically.

Although it is every groups goal to run plans ethically there are still many instances in which they fall short of this bar, whether it be because of greedy influences or being unaware of the laws it is a dilemma that must be approached wisely and handle with care. While most scandals involve a corporation or business while scanning the Internet I came across one that really caught my attention, a scandal within the US Military about cheating on tests, drug use, and the mishandling of missiles.

First news broke about this scandal in early January when the Air Force reported its open investigation of unknown exam cheating and scandals involving multiple officers in charge of our country nuclear forces. This recent scandal is one that was roughs to attention after the Air Force was investigating a non-related drug scandal at 6 other bases. This should come as a great concern to all people living in the US, for these are the generals and officers who are responsible for controlling the 450 nuclear missiles and fate of our country.

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When further looked into it was found that 34 officers, all high class lieutenants or captains, were somehow involved in this scandal, some who were either caught cheating on the monthly proficiency tests or those that were aware of what was going on and did not report the actions. Along tit these accusations it was made clear by Air Force officials that two of the suspected officers also had relations regarding illegal drug use with an officer from an air base in Wyoming.

Being one of the most structured and toughest parts of the defense forces to get into the Air Force is not taking this situation lightly as nuclear launch officers have no room for error handling such dangerous and destructive weapons. 'The root of all this madness is still unknown but there has been one major discharge of a commander from the Base at Minot because it was seen that there as a "loss of confidence" in his leadership skills as well as the firing of a commander in charge of training missile crews after a large number of launch officers did poorly on tests.

This is not the first scandal that the Air Force has faced after an incident in 2008 where the past secretary of defense Robert M. Gates fired a top general and civilian leader after a crew made a cross-country Journey unaware that 6 missiles on board were armed with nuclear warheads. The major dilemma in all this is these people are supposed to be the ones we as citizens look up to and protect our country et when we read news like this it really hinders our idea of what safety really is.

With such difficult guidelines, laws, and requirements it is amazing that such a scandal would be present in an area as important as the protection and well being of the United States as a country, but also goes to show that scandals and dilemmas are present in every aspect of this world no matter what the subject at hand. US Defense Secretary Chuck Haggle has not taken lightly to this situation as he explained that he is "deeply troubled" by the slue of military scandals in recent months (Talisman, 2014).

In January when becoming fully aware of all the problems inside the Air Force and military as a whole Haggle forced a review of operations which also included the Navy. In shear numbers 30 senior instructors have been accused of sharing answer sheets to nuclear qualification tests and 1,200 Navy soldiers, 200 of which were officers, took part in a long-term scheme involving fraudulent recruiting in order to collect roughly $100 million in promised recruiting payments (Talisman, 2014). Hazel's biggest worry is that none of this is by accident and is all a result of unethical behavior by people in uniform".

He along with many others believe that this is an issue that should be put on the top of the list and needs close attention and although it only involves a small number of those in service it is a matter of integrity that he wishes the forces can maintain regardless of those few who disobeyed the law. I felt that this issue was handled greatly and will continue to be throughout the rest of the investigation. Haggle understands the importance of the well being of the country and is not going to let this be something that could be the season for our downfall.

Although investigations may take more than a year to complete I trust the decision of the Secretary of Defense as he made if the first problem to be addressed when regarding the military. If this were the situation for a company or business I think that they would have handled it the exact same way, firstly be removing those that were involved or believed to be involved in the problem. Second course of action would be getting down to the bottom of the problem and finding the source, which were ultimately the loosely supervised exams restored by senior leaders and lieutenants.

After finding who was to blame for these faults it became evident that those people were to be interviewed immensely for why they took the course of actions they did. A document regarding this even went as far as saying that the "group testing" was viewed as "taking care of each other" and easing the pressure as the officers felt they needed a perfect score on the exams (Burns, 2014). So in the end I think this is being handled effectively and that it should have been done in no other manner.

Although it is evident that this can instill a lot of fear in the eyes of those who live in this great country the military wanted to make it apparent that there was no evidence that the recent problems lead to mishandling of nuclear weapons or Jeopardized any citizens safety. Following this event it will be interesting to see how it progresses as the investigation continues with the interviewing of many officers and those involved in the scandal. Being that the scandal involves nuclear weapons I am curious to see if there will be any new laws or regulations that will be put in place during such vents such as exams and testing.

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