Underage Drinking – Short Essay

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Underage drinking, now more than ever, is a big problem us the US. In our society today, underage drinking is expressed as cool, or a way to have fun. Some causes of underage drinking are the media and peer pressure. There are also many negative effects of underage drinking such as health risks like alcohol poisoning. Media plays a big role in this risk. Just watching television you see commercials for beer or other alcoholic beverages. The media makes It look like fun all the time, and Like nothing bad can come from drinking.

They make It very appealing to a teenager's ye. The commercials do not show you the man who lost everything to his alcoholism, or the guy who had one too many drinks and spent the night hugging the toilet. I feel that alcohol Industries are targeting youth and will do Just about anything to get business. Peer pressure also plays a big role In underage drinking. The most Important thing In the life of a teenager Is to "FLT In". Teenagers are almost expected to drink before they are 21 these days. If they don't, they could easily be the outcast of their social circle and be made fun of.

Most of the parents don't punish their underage hillier for drinking because they did the same things when they were in high school. This can lead to teens thinking that it is an acceptable lifestyle to live. There are many negative effects of underage drinking. Not only is it illegal, there are many risks that can come from underage drinking. If you start drinking at a young age, there is a better chance that you are going to get hooked and be come and alcoholic later on in life. Drinking too much or too soon can hurt others, get you in legal trouble, and damage your relationships.

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In conclusion, there are several causes and effects of underage drinking. Media and peer pressure are two of the main causes. Teenagers use media in their everyday lives. Television is one example of media that makes alcohol appealing to young people. Peer pressure is also a cause of drinking under the age of 21 . The last thing a teenager wants is to be made fun of, and if that means they have to drinks few beers to keep that from happening then that's what they're going to do! There are also many negative effects of underage drinking such and alcoholism, and other health risks.

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