Types of Drivers

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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What kind of a driver are you? Are you the one to piss people off or the one to scare them and make them wonder if they will live or that safe driver that everyone wants to be? Driving is the best transportation to getting to places whenever you want. Having your license is a privilege . Not everyone has it. So be careful and take care of it and don’t go all crazy on the road because it can cause your death and others as well. There are three types of driver that you mostly see everyday or hear about.

Drunk drivers have become the most dangerous drivers out on the road cause you never know till they strike someone or you on the road. These drivers come out mostly out on the weekends after a long night of clubbing; they are so drunk that they have convinced themselves that they are sober enough to operate a car. I mean come on like seriously do they not have just one friend to stay sober and be the designated driver to get home safe instead of endangering us all. If you see a car that keeps swerving lane to lane that can’t keep straight your best choice is to stay away as possible.

Hopefully they’ll get caught get that DUI and maybe that’ll teach them a good lesson. The slow pokes out on the road can piss you off when you are trying to get somewhere on time. These people are scared of even passing the speed limit thinking maybe a cop might poof pop out of the air and catch them. The old folks are even worse they seriously go under the speed limit like if you can’t see or are too old to be driving to even know what is going on just stop driving it’ll save us a lot of extra time.

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Seriously the back roads are for me to go fast and just beat traffic but when you are driving slow then what was the point of even taking the back road you should of stayed in traffic you fools. Despite what people say fast drivers are the save drivers. Why? Must you ask? Well, we tend to drive 5 mph over the speed limit, which is acceptable, and don’t have anyone driving close to us. Fast drivers keep their eye on the road for that reason they are alert to what is going on in front of them and will generally slow down before its too late.

The true safe drivers are the ones that know how to drive not just operate the car. Fast drivers only create a problem when they become truly aggressive and tailgate, passing others really close to them and cutting off without a warning. Driving is so much fun. By the way guys, the ladies find a man attractive if he has his license. She wouldn’t want to be using the train or bus for the rest of her life. Don’t expect the roads to be a racetrack because you will be endangering lots of people’s life so don’t be an idiot. Have fun out there and focus on the road don’t text and drive as well don’t drink and drive.

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