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Various Types of Drivers

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Various Types of Drivers Drivers come in many different forms and each carry their own characteristics. When on the road, one can experience several different drivers and their driving habits. The different drivers you experience during your journey may result in many things such as you being late to your destination or even become part of a car crash. Most motorists would like to make it to where they need to go on time, but how they get there depends on their style of driving as well as the types of drivers they encounter along the way.

Despite the many driving skills motorists may come across during their journey, they should always drive safely following the rules of the road to avoid any dangerous car collisions. The various types of drivers can be broken down into three categories which include non-obedient, careful and reckless. Non-obedient drivers are often the ones who disrupt traffic and sometimes cause traffic jams. They have poor judgment in performing road tasks such as making turns, using their indictors when necessary and drifting within a traffic lane.

These motorists lack the ability to change behavior in unexpected or dangerous situations. They have a tendency to slow down traffic, aggravate other drivers and cause inconvenience for other motorists. They fail to function properly and the proficiency to focus quickly is nonexistent. This causes avoidable accidents and puts their lives as well as others in danger. For instance, there was a time where my mother and were watching the news and a middle aged woman switched from the right lane into the left lane without using her indicator.

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The fact that she fail to signal that she was merging into the next lane resulted in her getting rear ended by another driver. Had she done the simple task of using her indicator, this rear end collision could have been avoided. Motorist who are more precautious and careful while behind the wheel tend to have a more decent style of driving. They are usually more likely to follow the rules of the road. This includes wearing their seatbelt at all times, using their indicators and driving by the appropriate speed limit.

They usually have steady concentration while on the road, which allows their mind to be fully focused while driving. These drivers have a good idea of what is happening in their surroundings and have keen awareness skills which are vital when driving. There was a time when my mom and I were driving and approached a four-way street. The roads on our left and right were obligated to stop and the road in front of us and the only we were driving on had no stop signs. Although we were not required to stop we did.

Had we continued driving we would have been involved in car accident because a driver required to stop ran the stop sign and would have crashed directly into us. Careful drivers not only look out for themselves but for other motorist as well to ensure the safety of all drivers while on the road. Drivers that have the least respect for other motorist or the can be known to have a reckless style of driving. These drivers can sometimes be very dangerous because they are not afraid to get a bit irresponsible while on the road.

For example they do things like run stop signs, traffic lights and make illegal turns. Motorist like this have a tendency to weave in and out of traffic at fast speeds with no regard for other drivers. For example my brother and I were driving on the highway and one motorist was driving at speed way above the 60mph speed limit. This driver switched in and out of lanes without using their indicators and cut many people off almost causing fatal car accidents. Actions such as these puts many innocent lives at risk and force people to be more aware of their surroundings.

The driving skills people have may vary. Many drivers experience the different types of motorist on a daily basis. Drivers should always follow the rules of the road and avoid any distractions while driving. Many drivers fail to do so putting themselves and others at risk. This can result in fatal car crashes that could have been avoided if motorists were more cautious when driving. Drivers should always maintain good driving skills, not only to guarantee their own safety but the safety of others while on the road.

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