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Two topics required, to be selected by students: First one from the following list . Refining the target: cruises, tourists’ migrations studies for one or several countries. . Strategy for internationalisation processes by means of airlines, airports and hubs. .

Stock and shares consolidation in the luxury sector (files can be provided if asked for). . Ethics and CSR in the luxury world. . The use of advocacy advertising in the luxury world. . Using exchange rates in the luxury world.

Brand stretching and luxury: the role of sub and flanker brands. . Destination luxury: anticipating trends. Hotels and countries choices. . Washington regulation: from banned raw materials to counterfeit goods. TRIP’s and WTO.

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.Brand culture in the luxury world and the diffusion models. . Luxury and Innovation: using the Hofstede model. . Vintage, second-hand, customization, tailor made: do this models stick to every country’s needs? . Conception - Design: Ethno, poly, regio or geo centric positioning ? Metastructures and multibrands strategies.

Vertical integrations in luxury. . Luxury crisis and their economic counterparts. Strategic analysis. . From mass tige to a new skimming strategy. The inner decoration, esthaetic surgery and spas models.

. Evolutions of the distribution chanels : multipriced strategies. The blooming of price- hunters and the move towards hyperluxury. . From female to male luxury : comparative kinetics in different countries. . New consumers for luxury : new countries, new behavioral marketing….

.Elongating the long tail of the power’s laws. . CMR and luxury. : from PR to the strictly private web . Can the Luxury fashion brand store atmosphere be transferred to the Internet ? . Financial communication in luxury.

. Blooming countries: who might be the winners? Specific and comparative analysis. . The evolution of the theory of Brand Culture in the luxury world. . The specific case of the travel and duty free retail. How to use them and the role of airlines routes.

Comparative analysis of the avalanche theory and of Girard’s theory. How to use them in the luxury world. . Consolidation and stock valuations of luxury groups. The concept of branded value. . The future of selective distribution.

Ebay legal case and the European Commission. Second one : Obligatory. You have to study a precise topic dealing with trends in luxury . The guidelines for the Dassault case are listed on a further document you can find on webintec. Don't forget to write down and list your sources.

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