Top 10 Characteristics of schools that are Multicultural

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1. The school curriculum incorporates the contributions of many cultural groups and integrates multiple perspectives throughout it. 2. Teachers and administrators are able to deal with questions of race, inter- group relations, and controversial realities on an objective, frank, and professional basis. 3. Differences in academic achievement levels disappear between males and females, dominant and oppressed group members, and upper-middle-class and low-income students. 4. Instructional materials are free of biases, omissions, and stereotypes. 5. The teachers and administrators show respect for the students' first languages and dialects 6. Cultural differences are treated as differences, rather than as deficiencies that must be addressed in compensatory programs.

7. Students are able to use their own cultural resources and voices to develop new skills and to critically explore subject matter. 8. Students learn to recognize and confront inequities in school and society. 9. The composition of the faculty, administration, and other staff accurately reflects the pluralistic composition of the United States. 10. The faculty, administrators, and other staff see themselves as learners enhanced and changed by understanding, affirming, and reflecting cultural diversity. I feel that theses top ten characteristics are list in the correct order from most important to least important. Even though I do not feel there should be something that is not as important when it comes to this subject. I think that each of all ten is just as important.

My first important is the school making sure that they incorporate different kinds of cultural groups into their class room this makes it so that all the student know what their cultural believes are they are all included in the class. I also feel it is important that teachers are able to deal with questions and have an understanding of how to answer the question about the different cultural. Gollnick, D. , & Chinn, P. (2006). Multicultural education in a pluralistic society. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall

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