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Ina highly competitive profession like acting , one must never underestimate the importance of professional and formal training. Irrespective of whether you excel or have a unique flair in this art , there are a variety of techniques , perspectives , methods etc that could help you when you embark into theatre and films. While training to become an an actor doesn’t necessarily require a degree from a college or professional learning, many of the best actors in world cinema have grown to be well rounded and highly benefitted from their professional courses.

The whole concept of acting will usually comprise of 2/3rd natural talent and 1/3rd of training Also the physical location of the place is crucial because it determines the connections , affiliations and opportunities that you need to go through. There are schools that train you specifically for theatre, specifically for films or both. The timings may be rigorous and the practices may get intense. However if you are a passionate actor , this will also be an exciting and memorable experience.

The usual undergraduate degrees are Bachelor of Arts(BA) or Bachelor of Fine Arts( BFA). Graduate degrees may include Master of Arts(MA) , Master of Science ( MSC) Master of Fine Arts(MFA) Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Fine Arts, or Doctor of Philosophy ( PHD) degrees. Also various institutes provide shorter foundation and summer courses for students in school and otherwise. It is essential that you conduct an intensive research before choosing acting. Here are the top 10 acting schools across the world to pursue courses in acting : Juilliard School of drama

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Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School of drama situated in the Ney York city is the most prestigious institution on the world for theatre that provides top notch acting training. The faculty consists of Grammy, Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winners who combine physical and vocal training in such a way so that every student performs to the best of his / her capacities. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama is a 4 year course and The Masters degree for the same is also for the same duration. The school receives more than 1000 applications every year out of which only 18 of them are admitted at the end of it.

Even though the admission procedures are extremely stringent, one would be extremely fortunate to be a part of this institute. Some of the Julliard students who have managed to make it big are Christopher Reeves, Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams. The Juilliard School 60 Lincoln Centre Plaza New York NY 10023-6588. The oxford school of drama UK’S oxford school of drama is a 26 year old esteemed drama institution that offers diploma and foundation courses in acting. They provide a 3 year undergraduate course, a one year acting course and a six month foundation course.

It also runs a six month programme in musical theatre. Catherine McCormack, Anna Galvin and Christina Cole are some of the famous alumni of this school. The Oxford School of Drama Sansomes Farm Studios Woodstock, Oxford OX20 1ER England, United Kingdom Yale School of drama The Yale School of Drama is a graduate professional conservatory for theatre training in every discipline of the art form: acting. School are known for their accomplishments on the legitimate stage, in film and television, and a variety of other creative fields.

It offers a Master in Fine Arts as a postgraduate degree and a Certificate of Drama for those who do not hold an undergraduate degree. All students are admitted on the basis of their talent and career potential . Also each one of the applicants who meetsthe MFA/certificate requirements must audition in person inorder to become a part of this university. Yale Cabaret is one of its extracurricular initiative where students perform and create projects on their own. Distinguished former students of Yale include Paul Newman, Meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver Yale School of Drama 149 York Street New Haven, CT 06511 Royal Scottish Academy

The Royal Scottish Academy is a UK conservatoire that promises to provide you with a solid foundation in acting, voice and movement. They have acting showcases held in places such as Glasgow and London and this provide you with an opportunity to showcase your talent to leading casting directors and agents. They provide both bachelors and masters in this field to aspiring actors and actresses . They also have summer schools and short courses in drama for children, young people, adults and arts professionals. It has an impressive alumni profile such as Alan Cumming, James McAvoy, and David Tennant etc The Centre

City Centre Glasgow G2 3DB Scotland, United Kingdom. NYU Tisch School of arts The Tisch School of Arts that come under New York University is the most esteemed centre for performing arts in the USA. Situated in the theatre capital of America; it provides technical, professional and practical training to students in its discipline. The Department of Drama offers a four-year undergraduate course and the graduate acting programme offers a Master in Fine Arts degree however it is extremely difficult to be inducted into the latter programme ( as they take in only 18 students ) .

Its famous alumni consists of Whoopi Goldberg, Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Anne Hathaway and Adam Sandler NYU Tisch School of the Arts 721 Broadway New York, NY 10003. Guildhall school Founded in 1800 in England, the Guildhall school of Music and Drama provides a BA and an MA in acting. Owned and funded by the Corporation of London, the school is well known for its “passion, quality and rigour” of teaching. Students experience working in a professional context to professional standards with an exemplary pool of outstanding artists who work with us as directors, conductors, coaches and tutors.

They are well known for the menities provided that includes a 308-seat theatre for students to develop their skills in drama and get a real feel and experience. Some of the Guildhall students who have made their mark in Hollywood are orlando bloom , Daniel Craig and Evan McGregor Guildhall School of Music and Drama Silk St. , Barbican London EC2Y 8DT, England, United Kingdom. American conservatory theatre This non profit theatre company provides a 3 year Master of Fine Arts program in acting for aspirational individuals and providing them with a course wherein they have a chance to rehears and performs various classic and contemporary acts.

Its distinguished alumni include Denzel Washington , Nicholas cage and Teri Hatcher American Conservatory Theatre 415 Geary Street San Francisco, CA 94102. Birmingham school of acting Established in 1963 , This leading premier vocational school offers a BA ( Hons) in acting and in BA (Hons) Community and Applied Theatre and an MA in Acting. They also provide foundation courses and summer schools in the same field. This specialist institute Some of their students include Sophia bush , Kelly Preston and tom selleck . Birmingham School of Acting G2 - Millennium Point

Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG, England, United Kingdom. American Repertory institute Established by the American Repertory theatre , its institute is a non for profit theatre organization that aims to prepare the students in a unique way so that they establish their mark in this field. It offers a 2 year MFA programme , an MFA Dramaturgy and Theatre Studies programme and an MFA in voice and speech programme. It mostly concentrates on theatrical acting and is thus one of the most respected universities when it comes to stage actor training.

It collaborates with professional expertise in Eastern Europe and Russia wherein it offers a three month training and working period in the Moscow Art theatre school American Repertory Institute 64 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts This independent drama school in West London provides students with a Three and Two Year course in Acting validated by the university of Kent. This school was started in the 19th century and has been creating fine actors for theatre and films.

If you take into consideration aspects such as stage management, , acting and directing, technical work LAMDA could be considered the most historically productive drama school in the United Kingdom. Often the ratio of student to teacher is 1-3, allowing for some of the most intense instruction in the industry. Since the ratio of a teacher to student is 1:3 , It is evident that one on one interaction is given high importance here and every individual is attended to personally. Donald Sutherland , Colin baker , Anthony head are some of the famous people who were a part of this academy

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