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Public Schools vs Private Schools

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Description Description tells a reader about the physical characteristics of a person, place or things or place. Description relies on five sense, hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. That is description essay tells what something looks like, taste like, smells like and sound like. in college description is used in many different ways, such as when writting a comparism essay, you use description to tell the diffrence between the two things. as a student, through description you communicate the view of the world to your readers. Therefore in almost every essay you write, using proper descriptive methods will be very important.

Descriptive essay can be objective or subjective. In objective description, you focus on the object or person, you describe exactly what you see, hear, feel, or smell. Not base on you personal reactipon to it. In using objective description your visual has to add something to your papar, that is you could use a diagram to help describe a person or a chartt to help explain a process. You visual has to be located as close to as possible to where it is located in your paper. You must also have to document your visual. In subjective description, you convey your personal response to a subject.

Your perspective is not stated directly it is revealed indirectly through your choice of words and phrasing. Subject description is more useful example if your teacher as you to describbe a place that has special meaning to you. A subject description should convey not just a literal record of sight and sound but also ther significance. Both objective and subjective Description depends on language to apeal the reader's senses. These two types of descriptive uses language differently. Objective description relies on precise factual laguages that presnt a writers observation without conveying his or her attitude toward the subject.

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Public Schools vs Private Schools

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