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Time I Experienced Failure Argumentative Essay

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When i was in 9th grade I almost failed my history class and I was concerned about my gpa as well. Coming into 9th grade I thought it was going to be really easy in 9th grade but I think the real problem was that I was not focused At that time i really didn’t know what gpa was and when i got to 10th grade after the first marking period i had a 3.

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Time I Experienced Failure Argumentative Essay

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. History class was not the only class that I was worried about because I was just passing some of the other class as well. After the first semester my parents, teachers were all concerned about me and their attention just gave me more pressure to do good. If i could just go back in time to fix the problems I had that year I really think that would help me get a better gpa and make me a better student.

After my 1st semester in high school all my teachers and parents paid lots of attention to me which really just scared me because I really didn’t want to repeat that history class again. When I look back I just think to myself why did I fool around in that class and not pay attention. Every assignment I got couldn’t be completed because I didn’t pay attention and when the teacher asked me for I said no. I felt like my teacher thought I was dumb because he recommend to put me in a lower history class next year but I know he was just doing what was best for me.

I felt like nobody believed in me and thought what would happen when I move on in high school because it’s going to get tougher and tougher every year and I have to be prepared. There was trouble at home as well because my parents were really upset and thought what if i can’t go to college. My parents were afraid, if my bad grades continued it would be hard for me to get in college. After my first semester they decided that change was needed so they took my all game consoles, phone and everything till I improved my grades.

My parents were at my school during my course selection, they weren’t happy when my teacher recommend me into a lower history class, I wanted to change the recommend and move on to next history class with my friend but my counselor and parents thought I should go a to lower history class. After a while I persuaded them into letting me move on but I had to pass history class this year or I would have to repeat same history class. That day I made a promise to myself that I would study my heart out to pass history class. Things were tough but I knew what I had to do to pass history.

I had to stay after school to get help but it was worth it because at the end i passed history. I created lots of practices quiz, flashcards to help me through the class. I still use those strategies to this day, I am sure that’s the reason for my success in my classes. During this time my parents were pushing me to do better and they weren’t that happy because I passed history by 2 percent. Going into 10th grade I knew i had to get better grades which is what I did, I made lot’s of changes during the time which was necessary.

I set goals to accomplished through every semester in 10th grade. In 9th grade I was scared to ask questions because if i said something dumb people would laugh at me but in 10th grade I didn’t care who laughed at me and asked lots of questions. All these things made me a better person and student. In all, I wanted to redo my 9th grade but in honesty if i didn’t have that year in my experiences I would have never learned from the mistakes. I would have never pushed my conscience to try harder and don’t give up

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