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Things I Treasured As a Child

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l have always loved robots since I was a little boy. I remember back in the days of "Transformers" and "Voltron", I used to wait impatiently for those shows to come on. Then when the show finally starts I was glued to the TV like gum stuck in ones hair. No one could piy me away from my precious robot showsl As the years passes my body grew and my intellect grew too. A lot of things I cherished in my childhood fated, things like playing handball, making cities. With my Legos, draWIng battles that were fought With stick figures and riding my bicycle. Now I cherish things that are more complex like my relationship With friends, my computer, my car and classical music. But one thing that love now and in my childhood is my love for robots. I don‘t know why, but they never cease to spark my imagination With their complicated components and their power to do things regular humans can‘t. What Will it be like to be strapped to a five-story giant robot of unbelievable firepower?

There is this one popular anime series called Gundam, It is about these seven giant robots piloted by seven kids that fight for freedom and injustice. I have collected two of the seven robots. I will be describing my favorite model of the two, Wing Zero. Every time I look at my Wing Zero Model my imagination flows with what technology would bring people in the future. Wing Zero is piloted by the leader of the seven children his name is Iowa. Iowa is a small-framed child in his early teens. He has brown hair that combed to one side and sticks out like the bill of a baseball cap. He usually Wears a black tank top and sweat shorts like any boy you would see in our schools. But Atowa is no regular boy. He Was trained since he was a kid in the artificial space colonies to be a stand-alone fighter and pilot.

He has large cold unemotional brown eyes that stare at you Without any fear. He moves With the speed of a cheetah and strikes. With the power of a dragon to take down his enemies. Easily taking down many Men that are twtce his size. He is able to dodges bullets and he is able to fire back with deadly accuracy. Iowa speaks very little, What he says are well thought out and is law to his peers. He cares for nothing and no one. The only thing he cares for is completing his objectives for the space colonies. Altova is even more deadly in his Gundam "Wing Zero”, the robot five stories tall are made of gundamlium a rare and super strong metal that is only found in space. But my 8-inch tall model of "Wing Zero" is made of plastic, Wing Zero is the most powerful of the seven Gundams, able to lay waste to anything in the path of its energy cannon for hundreds of miles. It is the only Gundam that is able to transform into a jet.

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It can jet thru great distances in the atmosphere or space. The robot form is used when maximum firepower and untility is required. Wing Zero‘s most noticeable characteristic is the giant golden V that protrudes out the top of its head. The V is stationed on its forehead and protrudes almost the whole vertical height of its head. The head its self is very small compared to the rest of its body. The head is grayish and looks like a samurai helmet from ancient Japan, On the both sides of its head were a persons ears should be are two holes housing two rapid fire cannons able to tear thru even the toughest armor. The face of Wing Zero looks well fortified and protected by the rest of the head. It has two eyes that are well imbedded below the forehead and glow wtth amber green that gives you hints of the robots massive firepower. It has no nose but two black horizontal slits and no mouth but something that looks like the medical masks doctors wear when performing surgery.

But instead of it been round the protrusion is an elongated square. The main torso is comprised of two sections. The upper torso is white colored the front extends outwards. On the left and right sides of the upper torso are two yellow colored jet intakes. The lower torso has one large protective piece of armor in the front, one white piece on the back and two dark blue side armor plates that shield the hips. 0n Wing Zero‘s shoulders are two giant blue-colored jet engines used in its jet mode. The two arms of the robot are white and are connected by gray-colored Joints. The black hands carry two massive energy cannons that when combined creates one super colossal energy cannon able to destroy whole armies. The cannons themselves are gray colored and each of the cannons is about half the height oi the robot its self. The legs of the robot are white. The lower portion is noticeably wider and thicker than the upper half above the knees joints.

The knees joints are gray like its other joints and are protected by two blue vertical extensions. one for each knee. The feet are dark blue and look like women's high heel shoes but the arch is way in the back and the heel's width is the Whole Width of the foot and is not small and pointy like high-heeled shoes. The Front of each foot there is an overhang of two white flaps of armor. This Robot Model is a scaled-down model of Wing Zero an awesome testimony of power and of man‘s creative mind to create super complex technologic wonders to accomplish. What the human body cannot do in the Gundam universe. My model of Wing Zero brings out the imagination in me of the future, Maybe one day we will be able to buy a real-life Wing Zero in the local giant robot dealer, maybe glorious battles for injustice and freedom would be fought in these technological marvels or maybe there will never be giant robots. One can only imagine about robots now, It is a childhood romance that Will follow me till then end of my days.

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