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Personal Accompaniment

Personal accompaniment is critical in fostering a greater understanding of deep emotions, capacity for self-acceptance, capacity for trust and mutuality, growing in self-esteem, dealing with change and developing capacities for healthy intimacy. Some of the challenges faced in the area of personal growth could be …

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The Rise of the Animated Heroine

Abstract This dissertation ‘s main line of research delves into plight of the heroine who is more often sidelined for maleprotagonists in traditional myth and story telling. It compares her journey within selected narratives, from mythic tales and symbols, inherent in everyone’s unconscious memory to …

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Anime: Parent of All Industry

Anima is something that will be around for a long time ND there is little doubt about it. What sets anima apart from other cartoons? There are a few generalizations to be made about anima. The characters’ faces often have the preposterously chiseled look of …

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Astro Boy: Marketing Japanese Anime to the World

After World War II, Japan was a nation that was broken almost beyond repair. There were only a few outside Japan who would have given this country a chance. Yet, a few decades after the war, the Japanese people surprised many in a spectacular display …

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Anime Business Plan

Exam 2 1. How a clearly defined vision helps a business A. Vision produces direction – companies who spell out the vision for their company focus everyone’s attention on the future and detail the path a business will take B. Vision determines decision C. Vision …

AnimeBusiness Plan
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A comparison of American and Japanese Animation

The origin of the modern day term ‘Animation’ derives from the Latin word  ‘Animatus’, meaning simply ‘ to give life’ yet perhaps the earliest known form of animation, the phenakistoscope, derives it name not from Latin but from a Greek term meaning “deceiving viewer”. (more…)

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What is the importance of anime?
Anime can give you a glimpse at Japanese culture. These places appear in anime. They are based on some places in Japan.
What is so special about anime?
Animation creates a stylized result that frees animators from having to faithfully depict the real-world. There are many styles of anime art. They range from straight and simple to outrageous and bold. Not to mention that even series with simple artwork are visually striking.
Can I write my college essay about anime?
You could add in a mention to anime, or perhaps a paragraph that says "in my free time", but it shouldn't be the primary focus. Do not try to be anything you're NOT. It's easy to see and it isn't a great look.

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