The Use of Computers Should Be Restricted

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Some people think that the use of computers should be restricted. Agree and disagree? Being invented in technology revolution, computers play an essential role in our daily life. Despite of its advantages, computers have negative effects. To be frank, I strongly agree that the use of computers should be limited. There are numerous reasons why I hold my points of view on this issue and I would like to explore only a few primary ones in this essay. The first drawback I would like to talk about is that computers make people waste time instead of doing useful things.

Nobody can deny that computers bring about a variety of benefits for our life, with the help of computer our work become easier and more effective. On the other hand, computers can make students neglect their studies. They can spend so many hours on computer games or social network that they have no time for their studies, or even when they are being in class, they may not pay attention to the lesson. One thing which is equally important is that using computer too much, people are certainly harm to their health.

Gazing at a screen of a computer, people easily have eye strain without suitable relaxing. Furthermore, electro-magnetic waves from computers affect people’s nervous systems, which is the reason why people have headache after using computer for a long time. Sitting one place and lacking of doing exercise due to computers, osteoarthritis and obesity are the serious diseases people may deal with. Finally, computers may affect people’s thoughts and characteristics. Using computer too much make people lazy instead of doing useful things such as doing housework, playing sports.

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In addition, people approach bad information such as violent actions, sexual videos when they have access to the Internet. This fact can lead people’s attitudes and behaviors to become bad. Otherwise, computers make people can not build their confidence when they get into reality. Using social network limit people to have face-to-face relationships and improve communication skills From what has been said above, I may come to the conclusion that people should restrict using computers. To minimise these drawbacks of computers stated above, people should have a detail plan or purpose to use it

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