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The steps of a strategic learning process

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. I involve me and I learn”.

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It shows the importance of learning and education. Knowledge is the only thing in the world that can be forever kept and so we understand the importance of the learning. To achieve learning and/or a desired goal, you must be ready to practice, be motivated, and have proper exposure to every detail of the course content. There is not any existence of life without the process of learning.

Readers shall acquire skill through the principles of learning and their use in the school, in this essay. In order to fully comprehend the information learned, practicing and reviewing is crucial. By practicing and reviewing course content, the success of understanding the information will be within arm’s reach. Being able to understand the information will be useful when writing tests or quizzes by allowing memorization of the content. Repeating words or sentences from lessons or homework, is one way to move information from short term to long term memory.

As well redoing math problems or homework, which is a great way to better recognize how something is done, or should be done after getting the wrong answer. In addition reviewing notes or homework with a buddy can improve the knowledge of the subject, by having a buddy show the correct answer to the questions or notes that were wrong. Finally the last way of being able to fully understand what has been taught is by reducing the amount of notes taken. Decreasing the size of notes taken can help long term memory skills by reviewing less, and giving the most important information needed.

Through having the most important information memorized, for tests or quizzes, this will allow for easy recollection of material learned and will give the correct answer. In conclusion by following the practicing and reviewing methods given, it will ensure full comprehension of the information learned. Motivation is a big factor in student success because motivation drives us to do many things not only at school but at home as well. Motivation can help us succeed at school because it can drive us to take that extra mile in anything we choose.

An example of this is if you’re in English class and asked to write a minimum of 3 paragraphs. While most people will do 3 paragraphs, a motivated person will write 5 paragraphs and earn a 90% instead of an 80%. Motivation can be used at home also. An example is if you have a test coming up but don’t want to review until the day before the test. Although this is common for many people, a motivated person will review their notes several days before the test.

This is because that person is motivated to be successful and they know that by sacrificing a couple hours each day, they have a greater chance at being a successful student. It’s a fact that students who attend school regularly learn more and are more successful in school than students who do not. People who attend school regularly learn to accept responsibility, an important lesson for a successful life. People who develop good attendance habits in the early grades will be more likely to continue them throughout their school career, as well as into their chosen career.

Regular attendance is critically important, because students who miss school miss out on the exposure of course content. As a result, the student is more likely to fall behind, and miss important socialization concepts that enhance the ability to understand and follow directions or, ultimately, plan for the future. Just by being present at school, the student is learning how to be a good citizen by participating in the school community, learning valuable social skills, and developing a broader world view. Learning social skills is just as important as learning history, math, science, and English.

To summarize, in order to achieve learning and/or a desired goal, a student must be ready to practice, be motivated, and have proper exposure to every detail of the course content in order to be successful in achieving the best process of learning. Education is so important that there are so many steps and levels to be delt and learnt from in order to achieve goals, and success. To be the best possible learner, follow these steps and put them into use in the classroom so then you can have the right steps of a strategic learning process.

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