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Strategic Process for Recruiting Employees

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Employee planning, recruiting, selecting, staffing and hiring is often a very difficult, timely and expensive task for any organization wishing to survive in today’s economy. In order for any organization to be successful they must attract and hire the most talented employees that fit the culture of the organization. It is the employees that make up an organization, so to be successful they must have a strict strategic process in place to recruit the right people for their organization.

There are many strategies that organizations use to recruit employees which include, the pipeline approach, competitiveness, employment branding, sourcing, diversity and technology to name a few. (ere. net, 2008, 4) At Patton –Fuller Community Hospital many of these strategies are used effectively by their Human Resource department. The pipeline approach is a strategy that seems to be one of the most important recruiting strategies because the approach builds a steady stream of applicants, and allows for resumes and applications to come in, and get sorted into areas of expertise that may be needed down the road.

It is very important for organizations to plan for a need that may develop as time goes on. It is also extremely important to note that in every industry there lies a competitor. Organizations must take note of what the competitor is doing at all times when it comes to recruitment strategies. This strategy is one that could be adopted by Patton-Fuller Community Hospital in the case of losing an employee; it is always a good idea to have back-ups that may be available or recruited from the competition.

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Employment branding is extremely important in the recruiting process for any organization, especially in the medical field. The employees are attracted to a hospital’s external image as being a leader in the health care profession. Potential employees need to believe in where they work, and hospitals and other organizations can achieve this by painting this external image of what the organization is all about, attracting many talented applicants. Sourcing is a critical ecruitment strategy for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

“If you don’t utilize sources that attract a high percentage of top performers, it is unlikely you will make a quality hire. ” (ere. net, 2008, 8) Patton-Fuller relies upon their top-performing employees’ referrals, and recruiters that can screen potential applicants to ensure that they don’t end up with a weak hire. Diversity is becoming extremely important in all industries, but especially in the hospital setting.

By hiring diverse people, the needs of the diverse patients that come into the hospital can be treated by a diverse group of individuals with different talents for different positions. Diversity for Patton-Fuller will allow for this hospital to succeed, so it is very important that they take this into consideration for every hire. Technology is the key for many hospitals wishing to survive in today’s economy. With new technologies on the rise Patton-Fuller can continue to advertise their needs on the web, which will save the company time and money by increasing the hiring speed and improve screening.

In the medical field it is extremely important to have the most talented, dedicated team of professionals on staff to care for the needs of patients. The employees must be trusted not only by the patients, but also the staff. In order to ensure that the top notch employees are chosen, Patten-Fuller Community Hospital will have to continue to use the recruiting strategies that they currently use and try others as the future of technology is constantly changing.

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