The Process of Common App to College in the United States

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One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is where you wish to receive an

education from. Unless transferring or dropping out you will be at that college for at least four years, so it is quite an important choice. Another difficult decision is choosing which colleges to apply to. Unless you are only planning to apply to one college and know that you will definitely be accepted, you will more than likely apply to various institutions. It is a lengthy process. Figuring out which colleges you wish to attend, gathering information for the application, and sorting out financial requirements are all part of the process of applying to college.

First, you may consider touring the colleges you wish to attend or going on a college road trip, visiting multiple universities in the same period of time. This may be a huge factor in the decision of which college to choose for some attendees. Various people say that visiting a college was the biggest contributor to their desire to go that specific college. Seeing what the institution looks like, being on campus, and getting the "feel" for that university can make or break the decision. After you tour a college, you may resolve not to apply there anymore if it does not suit your wishes and needs. The area may not be favorable to you. You might wish to go to college out of state or stay in state. The position may be too far or too close to home or family. You may want a suburban, city-like, or country-like location, which influences which colleges you will apply to. The size of the university is also an issue; colleges may be too small or too large for your taste, changing your decision to apply.

Once deciding where to apply, the next step is to organize and collect materials for the application. The primary component is the application. There are several different methods to use when applying for college. You can use the Common App, apply online directly through the university, or send an application through the mail. A number of universities are on the Common App, an online resource for applying to a multitude of colleges in the same place. On the Common App, you only have to enter all of your background information once, and some

colleges use the same essays.

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One constituent of the application is the essay, which almost all universities require at least one, and they all require background information such as demographics and family income. You will also have to include SAT, ACT scores, and grades in the application. Lastly, the application consists of volunteer hours and extracurricular activities. You want to make yourself appear in the best way possible without lying. This information about you can determine whether or not you get accepted, not just grades. The Board of Admissions of different universities favor applications with variety and look for information that stands out; you want to set yourself apart from every other applicant. Teacher recommendations included in the application can also add to this. You must apply before the deadline. Some colleges may grant mercy and extend the deadline for you. There is also the option of early action. Choosing early action means that the deadlines are usually in November and December, while normal deadlines are around the month of March. You will find out if you are accepted or denied earlier as well by choosing early action, giving you a longer amount of time to decide between which colleges to select and determining which universities you can afford.

The last step to applying to college is paying for the application. Money may be a factor in whether or not you will able to apply. Each application costs a certain amount of money. They cost about fifty dollars each, some more or less. You must pay for your SAT and ACT scores to be sent in if the college requests them, which are about six to ten dollars each, and a transcript, also costing money. If your test scores, GPA (grade point average), and grades are not high enough, some colleges may not accept you. Grades and test scores are not the only factor, but there are usually cut offs for universities - the lowest GPA and test scores that they will accept.

The cost of the university could make or break whether you apply or not as well. Colleges out of state are way more expensive than those in-state. You may not be able to afford attending a university out of state or the most expensive private colleges. Scholarships, grants,

and financial aid provide assistance. It is recommended that you apply early action, giving you the chance to receive merit scholarships if your grades are high enough. There are numerous scholarships online, provided through schools, and given out by the community. Grants are available as well. Financial aid is awarded in a fixed amount each year.

The last option is of course student loans, unless your tuition is being paid by a family member or another benefactor. Picking which colleges to apply to is a difficult decision. Some people have no vision in regards to where they want to spend about four years of their life receiving an education. The application process itself can take months to gather all the necessary information together, including writing essays, acquiring recommendation letters, and sending in test scores and transcripts. Money is an issue in whether or not you will be able to apply or attend a specific institution. It costs enough money as it is to apply to college, and an enormous amount to attend. Applying to college is a challenging and extensive process, but it is well worth the trouble when granted acceptance into the university of your dreams.

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