The managerial incompetence and an work place stress

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This document defines the managerial incompetence and an work place stress, as analysed by (GLG Expert Contributor), we can detect some habits of incompetent managers, such as; The cheater: lives for every opportunity to stick it to "the man"; it's their way to get back at the system that did them wrong; they steal anything they can. Anti-socialists: sullen, moody, uncommunicative, uncooperative, mumbles unintelligibly, anti-social; perpetuates this act so that people will dread them and avoid them at all costs.

As Hayes, James L. ; an incompetent superior is probably the worst problem that we can confront. For example, [13] Fayol (1923/1937, p. 102) stated that: The manner in which the subordinates do their work has incontestably a great effect upon the ultimate result, but the operation of management has much greater effect. Managers from the organizational view should be much more competent then subordinate; they have to manage people, money, processes, projects, customer relationships and themselves.

The organizational structure has been defined from (BusinessDictionary. com) as: (Formal and informal framework of policies and rules, within which an organization arranges its lines of authority and communications, and allocates rights and duties. Organizational structure determines the manner and extent to which roles, power, and responsibilities are delegated, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between levels of management.

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This structure depends entirely on the organization's objectives and the strategy chosen to achieve them. In a centralized structure, the decision making power is concentrated in the top layer of the management and tight control is exercised over departments and divisions. In a decentralized structure, the decision making power is distributed and the departments and divisions have varying degrees of autonomy. An organization chart illustrates the organizational structure).

As soon as I got the idea of the topic I wanted to approach, I went to Google and searched for organization to help me getting more information about this, which should help me later on my main topic, and then I have started views some websites trying to get as much information as I could need, after that I refined my research on my main topic which is the managerial incompetence and influence in the organization, to start working on it I found three papers that relate to my chosen topic, that I took from The Murdoch library web site, by selecting *Databases*, then Proquest, at the beginning it was tricky to find what i really wanted, I started by looking under Topic guide step by step by narrowing the broad results that i got, and then by using different key words such as (incompetent management),

(Incompetent boss), (leadership ineffectiveness) by limiting my search to "scholarly journals including peer reviewed" for my two articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, and the third article from a non-academic publication, was found on Proquest as well, after trying to get it from some magazines home, but I just found other information that i can maybe use on my assignment later, they wasn't as complete as i wanted them to be. From some old documents that I had from my Masters of Management I could found some interesting information relating to my topic, I selected the most relevant of them and used them to find any new information that could help me, or just remember things.

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