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The Main Reason Why I Had to Quit Softball

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I tried to read into a few things on why people quit high school sports, and as I was reading I realized that I shouldn't have to read into why they did. All that matters is why I did it and how I felt and acted about it. There were a couple of reasons though, that I could relate to. Quitting softball wasn't a very hard thing for me to do, seeing as though I had wanted to for some time, but it wasn‘t easy either. Softball is a great sport and like my mom said to me, “you can't dislike something that you're good at." I agreed with her. I knew that I liked softball; | just didn’t have a good experience with it. The things that helped that cause were my teammates, coaches, and my priorities The girls that I had for teammates were great people.

Outside of softball, we had a great time together, but as I said, that was outside. Inside there were a lot of things that went wrong. Some of us had different opinions about things and I wasn't one of those people but heard too many dramatic things happening. What I had seen and experienced firsthand was the attitude on some of them. I will admit I had a little attitude here and there, but I still did what I was asked and sometimes it resulted in a positive outcome. When some of them didn’t get their way or a coach would point out something they needed to correct their attitude changed that instant from good to bad.

This also happened after a loss. The girls would get really irritated With a loss and then when we had team talk, they were too frustrated to listen to anything the coaches had to say unless it had to do with RBI beads. The negativity would start during a game and would be passed around to everyone, which would result in a loss, which then would make them too frustrated to listen, which actually hurt the team. I don‘t think that they saw that, and that brings me to my next point. Because of all that, we didn‘t improve much. Improvement to the coaches was a big deal. and it should have been to us but it wasn't.

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