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Essays on Irony

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Analysis of Poem: Cinderella

The poem of Cinderella by Anne sexton is intriguing and more than a fairy tale. The author employs many literary devices to aid in delivery of the core message intended. In order to analyze the above poem, one has to check how imagery, irony, sarcasm, …

CinderellaIronyPoem AnalysisPoetry
Words 837
Pages 4
The Use of Verbal, Situational, and Dramatic Irony in Romeo and Juliet

In the play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses verbal, situational, and dramatic irony to add to the reader’s enjoyment. Shakespeare used irony a lot through the play adding more humor, suspense, shock, and makes the viewers want more. Romeo and Juliet is a perfect play …

Words 593
Pages 3
Irony in Huck Finn

Irony is defined as a situation, or use of words that involve some kind of incongruity or discrepancy. There are three types of irony: verbal, dramatic, and situational. Verbal irony is almost like sarcasm, because in a verbal irony, the opposite of what is said …

Huckleberry FinnIronyLiterature
Words 399
Pages 2
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The Masquerades of War

William Westmoreland proclaims, “War is fear cloaked in courage. ” Tim O’brien, Lily Lee Adams, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. composed literary works that disclose the different degrees of fear and absurdity aroused by war. “Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy? “, “The Friendship …

CourageEssay ExamplesIronyTruth
Words 1299
Pages 6
Figures of Speech

FIGURE OF SPEECH : A mode of expression in which words are used out of their literal meaning or out of their ordinary use in order to add beauty or emotional intensity or to transfer the poet’s sense impressions by comparing or identifying one thing …

Words 1200
Pages 5
Belonging: Narrator and Sense

Humans are constantly in search for belonging, it is something vital to our existence. A sense of belonging emerges from our ability to establish connections with place, people and culture. However when these aspects are challenged, we find out if we truly belong or not. …

ConformityEssay ExamplesIrony
Words 1200
Pages 5
Madame Bovary: Romantic to Realist Conflict

Emma Ovary is a very complex character with multiple changing aspects to her personality which creates conflict. She begins as a romantic illusion but then morphs into a realist idea. Gustavo Flatter focuses on objectivity more than subjectivity in order to render Judgment to the …

IronyMadame BovaryNovel
Words 852
Pages 4
Huckleberry Finn: Satire

In the first few chapters of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain satirizes religion. He uses juxtaposition, metaphor, hyperbole, and irony to create the satire. He compares religion to superstition, praying to wishing, and God to a genie. Twain portrays Huck as a philosophical young boy who …

BeliefHuckleberry FinnIronyReligion
Words 822
Pages 4
Humour and Satire in Urdu Literature

Humor and Satire In Urdu Literature Taken Gull* & Tableaus Abstract Humor & Satire are an integral part of all forms of literature; & when the tragic part of a drama/story becomes unbearable, humor/satire provide a much needed diversion & relief. This article examines the …

Words 2394
Pages 10
From the Immigrants

The Emigrants by Edward Kamau Brathwaite The poem from The Emigrants by Edward Kamau Brathwaite is the thoughts of an indigenous inhabitant, the persona, thinking of the invasion that has been so abruptly brought upon them which they must now face. We know that the …

Words 925
Pages 4
The Dusk

Norman Gortsby sits on a park bench at dusk, a time when, in his estimation, individuals who have experienced defeat in their lives can sojourn unrecognized. An elderly gentleman sits nexts to Gortsby, and Gortsby judges him to be a lonely person of no consequence. …

Words 359
Pages 2
AP English III

In this mock press release from The Onion, the author satirizes the way products are marketed to consumers. He seems to think that the methods used by advertisers are exaggerated and manipulative. The author shows his contempt for marketing techniques by using Irony, diction, and …

Words 646
Pages 3
How to Read Like a Professor by: Thomas C. Foster

How to Read Like a Professor Introduction: How’d He Do That? Mostly in memory it affects the reading literature in way that the reader, recognizes similarities in another work of literature, like in romantic novels elude towards Shakes Spears’ play Romeo and Juliet. Also, recognizing …

Essay ExamplesIronySonnet
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The Irony in Trifles

The play Trifles written by Susan Glaspell is set in the nineteenth century. A trifle is a thing of little value or importance, so in the play Trifles the irony of the story is quite humorous. In this time period women were not treated as …

Words 539
Pages 3
The Letterbox

The Letterbox Essay By Lori Provan “The Letterbox” By Ann Marie Di Mambro is a dramatic monologue which discusses the theme of domestic violence. This essay will look at how the author uses a wide range of intense techniques to explore the theme. In “The …

AbuseEssay ExamplesIronyParentingViolence
Words 1104
Pages 5


How do you write an irony essay?
If you want to write an essay that has irony, one way is to copy Swift's style and choose a persona which conveys the opposite. Swift's hyperbole should be used if you are writing an editorial that praises an opinion with which your disagreement is. You'll be able to tell that your readers are not serious.
What is a good example of irony?
This is why it's a coincidence that two friends come to a party dressed in the same clothes. Situational irony would apply if two friends arrive in the same party dress even though they promised not.
How do you identify irony in an essay?
If there is no contradiction, then it is that things match up. Otherwise there is no verbal/situational irony. Look at whether the character's statement contradicts the setting either intentionally or unintentionally. If the character uses a mocking tone to describe sarcasm, it's verbal irony.
What is an ironic example?
This is why it's a coincidence that two friends come to a party dressed in the same clothes. Situational irony would apply if two friends arrive in the same party dress even though they promised not.

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