The Main Cause of Global Warming

Last Updated: 17 Apr 2020
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Pollution Is not a simple problem that the world Is facing; actually pollution Is the reason behind the occurring of global warming. Global warming refers to the increase of temperature on the earth's surface. For every action there is a cause and effect. Global warming is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing nowadays. There are many solutions that we can go for to prevent the massive problems that might happen later on in the future. Introduction: "We" as human beings we want to survive and live in a planet that might not be armful for our health.

Sadly we're not recognizing what damages we're leaving behind us because of the several kinds of pollution that we made by ourselves. There are several kinds of pollution some are visible like air, water, and human pollution while others are invisible. Those kinds of pollutions are affecting our planet In a dangerous way that might lead us to a global warming one day. "Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust, fumes in harmful amounts. " Air pollution is affecting humans health in a negative way like causing cancer, birth effects and genetic mutations.

Air pollution is affecting our environment as well, since its affecting "the ozone layer in the atmosphere and it can increase the amount of ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth, where It damages crops and plants and can lead to skin cancer and cataracts. " According to the UNEVEN scientists, they estimated that the pollution in the cloud contributes to at least 700,000 premature deaths every year. This shows how the air pollution is affecting our environment and human beings.

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Some of the everyday things are the main things of causing air illusion like: automobile emissions, tobacco smoke, combustion of coal, acid rain, noise pollution from cars and construction, power plants, manufacturing buildings, large ships, paint fumes, aerosol sprays, wildfires, and nuclear weapons. To help the environment and the human health we should work on keeping the planet clean from air pollution. "The number one way to prevent air pollution is to walk or bike more and drive less. This will prevent fossil fuels from polluting the air. "Water pollution Is the Introduction of chemical, biological and physical matter Into argue bodies of water that degrade the quality of life that lives In It and consumes It. " Factories, refineries, waste treatment facilities, mining, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, human sewage, oil spills, failing septic systems, soap from washing your car, oil and antifreeze leaking from cars, household chemicals, and animal waste are the main sources that can cause water pollution. "The best way to prevent water pollution Is to not throw trash and other harmful chemicals Into our water supplies. Construction. Agriculture can cause land pollution because of "the local pests that have existed for hundreds of years along with the new invasive species so they are laden with chemicals that are not found in nature". Soil pollution and waste disposal are examples of land pollution. Deforestation can cause land pollution as well because of the endless trees that people are cutting every single day and this causes the land to be imbalanced. Construction can release chemicals that can inhibit the growth of plants and animals.

By decreasing the amount of papers we're using we can decrease the amount of trees that we're cutting every single day which this is the reason behind the land pollution. Global warming is happening now. Our planet temperature is increasing way more than it is supposed to be. Obviously "we" are the reason behind what's happening in the world. Since we're overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide it's raising the planets temperature. Before its too late, we should follow some instructions to prevent the global warming from getting worse.

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