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The Longest Memory enhance our understanding

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How does Diagram's novel The Longest Memory enhance our understanding of the immorality of slavery and the horrible suffering of slaves? By glowered How does Diagram's novel The Longest Memory enhance our understanding of the immorality of slavery and the horrible suffering of slaves? The Longest Memory by Fred Diagrams is a multi-faceted narrative that follows the life of a hundred year old slave Whitecap and the lives of those on the Whitecap plantation in the late asses after the death of a young slave boy, Chapel.

The Longest Memory heightens our understanding of the horrific suffering endured by slaves through an omniscient perspective with a graphic nature, written in a way that makes characters easy to relate to and understand how slavery impacts them personally. The Longest Memory features an omniscient perspective to tell the story of Whitecap and his step son. By using so many different styles of writing to give accounts from each character, Diagrams enables the readers to further understand how the slavery system impacted not only the African slaves, but also the lives of the hit people around them.

Within the novel, each chapter is an excerpt from the lives of the people vital to the death of young Chapel. The style of writing varies between each chapter, enabling readers to relate to the characters on a more personal level. The contrast between the characters can be observed Just from the different styles of writing used to embody the thoughts and feelings of each character. Whitecaps chapter reflects his life that is like "counting hours that drag through the dark", while Sanders Senior's diary entry style writing provides an absolute insight into his mind and feelings.

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Contrasting both of these accounts, is Lydia chapter, written in a way that enables readers to see a side of Chapel they wouldn't otherwise see, Lydia describes how "the lady I have become crept up on me" as she continued her life with Chapel before his death. By writing the novel from so many points of view, Diagrams opens the minds of those directly effect by slavery to the readers. Within The Longest Memory, the graphic language heightens our understanding of he immoral treatment of the African slaves by directly addressing the problems within the Whitecap Plantation.

The biggest conflicts occur in the Cook, Sanders Senior and Whitecap chapters, where the rape of Cook and death of her son are central difficulties. The varying chapters discuss the monstrous and traumatizing rape of Cook by Sanders Senior, where both Cook and Sanders voice their experiences. Sanders describes a struggle where "she [Cook] fought so much that both our clothes were torn". The language used to discuss such a horrific event eighteen a sense of immorality within the slave system. Another graphic scene in the novel is where the audience experience the death of young Chapel through his father's eyes. L literally saw the boy surrender to that whip" Whitecap states, creating a feeling of sorrow and heartbreak within the reader. Diagrams uses such visual language to express to readers the extent of the agony endured by slaves. Diagram's novel gives a deep insight into the impact of slavery on each individual. Whitecap opens the narrative by discussing how the events throughout his 100 ears caused him to become "nobody, nameless". Mr.. Whitecap and Sanders senior express contrasting views on the "treatment of his slaves" as Mr.. Whitecap "thinks I'm too severe with them".

Lydia, Cook and Chapel, all have quite similar and remarkable chapters as each individual express their wisdom and loathe for the slavery system. These chapters leave the readers feeling indignant as such charismatic and lovable characters are cheated of happiness and freedom. A major contrast to these chapters is the excerpts from The Virginian and the Plantation wieners chapter, where readers can experience the views and values of the world outside of the Whitecap Plantation and understand how the "degree of humanity' was vastly different and much harsher on other plantations.

Through an omnipresent perspective, Fred Diagrams conveys the impact of slavery on each of the characters in The Longest Memory using graphic language that allows readers to feel the characters emotions. The Longest Memory is an in depth exploration of the immorality, suffering and injustice of the Africans forced into slavery in the asses.

The Longest Memory enhance our understanding essay

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