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Describe Techniques to Enhance Group Communication

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Describe Techniques to enhance group communication Effective group communication begins with knowledge and sensitivity. A good manager should know their group and be able to effectively analyze how they work or analyze information. The manager should be creative in addressing mixed groups with the foresight that everyone could and probably will react to the message differently. Communication is the key factor in a group for portraying thoughts and messages. A manager should be creative in expressing these thoughts in such a way that everyone can take hold of it with their own personality and still come out with the same message.

Groups will come to barriers created by individual evaluation of the meaning of a managers message. All ideas will be distorted due to each individual perception of an idea. As a group grows, so do the number of meanings that a message can carry. Each individual will input their own emotions, wants and needs into the message a manager is trying to carry forward. Timing is key in delivering an effective message. If morale is down, messages about lay-offs or cost cutting are not going to be accepted well.

If a manager can try to approach a group that is on a high note, most studies show that any information will be accepted and allowed to sink in before reacting irrationally. In each group, everyone will have their own creative thoughts to express. The problem is that usually everyone has a different view to express about their meaning of the idea on the table. Each person should be allowed to convey their thoughts and a discussion may aid in hammering out everyone’s difference so that each member of the group can gain an understanding of how the other person came to their conclusion.

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Describe Techniques to Enhance Group Communication

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Managers should allow for a brainstorming session so that everyone has an equal opportunity to share and explode upon ideas. This can also open creative doors in people that may normally not come forward. However, when they see a team working together, they may see a door of opportunity and jump in. We’ve already learned that one message can carry many meanings for groups of people. If the same group of people are allowed to stretch, share and explain their reasoning, it could bring the group closer while bringing them closer to a shared evaluation of the message being brought forward.

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