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The LEGO History

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Today we will be talking about how the Lego company has started out and how it has gotten this far. Back in 1891 I don't think anyone would have thought it would be what it is today. We will be going back to the day that it started and getting in depth about what happened and how the group has grown to be this big today and what the machines are that the legos go threw.

We will be getting into the history that most people don't know and uncovering it. The prices of original legos will be shown, the average cost of each lego produced and how much money they make off an average set of legos. The Lego Company begin in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1891, the group had a carpenter from Billund, Denmark.

Who began making wood toys in 1932. In 1934, his company had made their name Lego. In 1947 the Lego group downed their making in wood toys and started to manufacture Legos. Which today is a major company with a net worth of 5.9 billion dollars. The name Lego is a mixture of two Danish words leg and godt, which meant play well. It is their name and ideal.

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In the past 80 years the company has moved from a small workshop to a massive company producing tons of Legos each day the exact number each day is 36,000 each minute. The average cost of one lego is 10.4 cents. Most of the smaller sets of lego buildings cost around 8 dollars and the more difficult ones are anywhere between 40 dollars and 70 dollars.

The lego company started using plastic after many fires happen from the wood and plastic came available after World War Two, so the group decided to try it out and got a plastic molding injection machine. One of the first toys made with the plastic was a truck that could be taken apart and put back together and the company hit it big on that one.

The plastic products weren't taken serious like the metal or wood ones because the customers where so use to metal and wood that they were scared to try something new but Lego advertised and advertised and their toys where mainly directed toward pre-school kids. they never really hit it big in the beginning, it took time and persistence to get their toys made right.

They officially got rid of the wooden blocks after one of their last plants burned down. The lego group had such a great outcome at the end if 19th century and still do because they have such a high quality product compared to all the other manufacturing company's for toys. The group started to grow because they made the product safer for the kids, the group made the plastic with non-toxic plastic.

The group Lego made it non-toxic because Lego wanted his product to be safe for the little kids handling his toys. In the beginning he started out with around four hundred and fifty workers and it grew over time as Lego grew. Now days the Lego group has around approximately fourteen thousand workers world wide. I have watched many videos of Lego reviews and every single one I have ever watched I have never seen a negative review

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