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Creation of LEGO

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With fourteen and a half billion dollars one may consider to purchase the Lego company right now. The Lego company has played a measure role in the toy industry for about one hundred years. Its innovations include famous playsets, minifigures, video games, and world renown stores located all over the world. Those thing would never have been fathomable without the famous Lego creator Ole Kirk Christiansen who born in the remote town of Filskovand, Denmark.

Ole Kirk Christiansen came into this world during the year of 1891 and was the tenth child of the family. He had completed high school education even though he grew up moderately poor. When he was 14 he became an understudy to his brother in Denmark. This background had made Ole Kirk Christiansen a modest and determined individual who found that his idea was destined for greatness.

The word "LEGO" means to play well. He started to call his company "LEGO" in nineteen thirty-four after he began making wooden toys in nineteen thirty-four. He officially started to make its plastic interlocking blocks in nineteen forty-nine. It is still possible that a 1958 Lego piece are still compatible with today's pieces.

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Over the past fifty years the Lego company has created over 400 billion blocks and the company was inducted in the National Toy Hall of Fame. These awards has made the Lego company a prestigious brand.Since plastic is a non-renewable resource and a major economic friendly agenda was being pushed in the mid two-thousands, the Lego group was forced to reduce the percentage of plastic used in their product and their carbon footprint. It is well know that the famous company almost went bankrupt due to their wasteful habits.

The concept of lean manufacturing and a special software connected all of their factories around the world and helped the company achieve their slogan."Only the best is good enough" is a slogan created by the founder Ole Kirk Christiansen. This motto came to fruition in nineteen thirty-six when he only had approximately ten employees. This motto is still used today and a significant impact on the way the company runs to this day.

During the nineteen forties the Lego company was relatively small but showed minor improvements such as the introduction to colored blocks. Ole Kirk Christiansen had introduced the company to his son at the age of twelve. During this time, Lego had improved the amount of employees to fifty, introduced the game of tiddlywinks, and he bought the revolution plastic injection molding machine.During the fifties the company tried to push its products out to young children which was their target sales group. Ole Kirk Christiansen promoted his son the Vice President when he turned thirty.

The company promoted their first major playset that consisted of eight creatable vehicles. The company also showed some signs of innovation by using wood and plastic as a basis of all of their products.The nineteen sixties was the coming out moment coming out moment for the company. Legoland was introduced and the production of wooden toys was dismantled due to massive fire that destroyed the company's toys. Legoland promoted three thousand visiter on the first day. In nineteen sixty-nine Lego cars were being made with a small amount of polyvinyl chloride along with plastic.

The famous company started to expand globally to countries such as Italy, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Morocco. During this time, between eighteen and nineteen millions toy sets were currently being sold per year.During the seventies the company had almost one thousand employees. Lego promoted its toys exclusively to girls with their renown playhouses. Still to this day Lego tries to incorporate female characteristics to influence girls to purchase Lego products.

The company's banner transformed their logo from an older to a more modern banner. Many of the customers can also see that the seventies are the first decade that directly relates to the companies expansion globally.Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer and the company's president during nineteen seventy-nine. He is the grandson of Ole Kirk Christiansen and is worth five point five billion dollars. He led the company into its "golden age".

You may ask why I called this time period a golden age. The answer can be explained as quite simple. This time period had created approximately five thousand employees and promoted a great amount of collaboration of many universities such as M.I.T. This time period was also important because Ole Kirk Christiansen was inducted in the forever-famous National Toy Hall of Fame. In Europe the massive boom of Legos was proven true when a survey of the traditional household proved that seventy percent of households with a child less than fourteen years old owned a Lego playset.Nineteen nineties was a decade of reconstruction throughout the whole company.

Officially eight thousand eight hundred and eighty people are employed under the companies record. The world renown company was officially labeled a top ten company during this decade. I believe that the real reason why this company underwent reconstruction is because of the fact that this is the first digital decade. The nineties promoted technological advancement towards the youth since smartphone were being used more and more often. Kids had other opportunities than to stay at home and play with their toys. This decade also proved that the toys were a choking hazard after a major recall of their toys since it was possible for it to get lodged in ones throat if they were incompetent.

A positive benefit of the digital age is the idea of online shopping. This idea is capitalized in nineteen ninety-nine. The two-thousands were crucial to the history of the Lego company. In two thousand and nine the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen was introduced into the renown National Toy Hall of Fame.

Two thousand and seventeen was a challenging year for the famous company. They did not experience a lot of growth as a company and lost revenue in North America and Europe. This could be a major warning sign that the Lego company may need to adapt to the ever changing technological change. Many kids are now playing on their smartphones instead of building or playing with toys.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Lego Group has inferred that there is a possibility that the company may tap into the virtual world of artificial gaming and artificial intelligence The Lego company also expanded their outreach on kids with televisions shows, series, and movies. The Lego Movie, the first-ever, full-length theatrical Lego adventure, directed by Phil Lord ; Christopher Miller is an 3D computer animated story that follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.


Many famous historical interpretations have been recreated by the use of Lego blocks. Events such as the cherry blossoming in Japan have arranged so that many pieces are used to create that. The Lego company has massively evolved from dealing with a few section of colors, to being able to maximize the whole color spectrum in order to capture their true excellence in toy manufacturing.

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