Background of the LEGO Business Model Innovation

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Executive Summary The document describes the background of LEGS business Model Innovation. It also narrates the brief history of Legs Company. The Legs Game was divided into two parts. In the first part the different participants of the supply chain was without permission to communicate with the up- or downstream sites in the supply chain. It also demonstrates the significance of each element in the legal business model.

It describes the four elements of business model which helps LEGS system. It also explains the viewpoints of LEGS city business model. It also indicates the supply chain and digitization of LEGS as well as comparison that LEGS city a great repeatable business model. 2. Introduction Innovation in business models mainly comes from new activities (content), new linkages between activities (structure) new markets (context) and/or new partners (governance).

Inspiration for business model innovation can come, for instance, from business models developed in other business sectors (transfer) or from analyses of patterns in business models (system). Open innovation, emerging collaborative business models and new partnership mechanisms also mean innovation in equines models. Further research is needed on business model innovation and the successful implementation of business models. This document shows connection between LEGS and Business Canvas Model.

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It also represents the theoretical discussion about what is business model innovation? And why it is important? It also discusses LEGS supply chain between 2004 to 2006. As well as how digitization works in LEGS System. 3. History of LEGS LEGS Toy Bricks original launched minion. The business that creates the well-known, small, artificial, interconnecting bricks recognized as LEGS in progress as a little store in Billion, Denmark. It was set up in 1932 by carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. The company obtains the name of LEGS.

In sass, LEGS had gone worldwide, with deals in Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, and even Lebanon. Over the next decade, more states started to put up for sale LEGS games, including the US in 1973. For the first time in 1964, customers might purchase LEGS sets, which incorporated all the elements and commands to assemble a exacting model. LEGS later set up themed lines of LEGS, containing town castle (1978), Star Wars (1999) and Harry Potter (2001). The thoughts of kids around the world and LEGS ATA world's most well-liked games (Frig 2012) 4.

Discussion of Business Innovation Model According to (Amity, Coot and Mass 2012) The company model canvas as different to the conventional, complicated company plan assist business conduct planned, substantial, and planned discussion about latest company's ones. Top overall business like GE, P&G, and Nestles© apply the canvas to supervise policy or make new development engines, but the search for the correct trade model. The canvas's major Intention Is to assist companies son ants Ana towards company model belief. Coast-central thong 4. 1 Definition of Business Model Innovation

The word "business model" means the aim of a company. Business model innovation (IBM) refers to a business's effort to reinvent itself in organize to gain a cutthroat boundary and encourage business development. A key aspect of company devises engage consumer happiness, according to the Boston Consulting Group. A business model has two parts, the value proposition and operation system. The value proposition consists of the goal demographic and manipulates required to draw those consumers to Liability Company. The progression method classifies to sell services to make a profit. (Amity, Coot and Mass 2012).

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