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The Cult of Lego

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Legos have come along way from when they first started and they keep growing as they makenew sets and make the things you can create even more realistic. 'LEGO' is an abbreviation ofthe two danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well" which is their name and their ideal.

Thelego group was founded in 1932 and has been passed down from father to son and is now ownedby Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder. Lego has come a long way from a smallcarpenter's shop to a modern, global enterprise which is one of the biggest producers of toys inthe world. The way legos interlock makes them unique and offers loads of possibilities and allyou need is an imagination.

You may be thinking "hey what's so special about lego all they do ismake blocks". Not even close lego has came a long way to where they stand today. Lego alsodidn't start off making these legendary blocks it was just an ordinary wooden duck that was madein a carpentry shop.

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By 1951 plastic toys accounted for half of the company's output, althoughsome people thought that the plastic toys wouldn't be able to beat traditional wooden toys. Thelego group made a separate operation named "Duplo" and were twice the size as regular bricksand were aimed at young children.

The culture of innovation is that he knows people likebuilding things and when they do it makes them feel good and accomplished and he uses thisthinking to his advantage. Lego also hired creative and diverse people so his whole company isfilled with ideas that are limitless.

The lego company is a family owned business and itsheadquarters are located in Billund, Denmark but also has offices and stores all over the world. Ithink that lego went through a horizontal integration just because of the fact that they went froma small shop to now what is one of the most powerful companies in the world.

In 2015 Lego waslabeled as the most powerful company in the world stolen from ferrari which held it for 2 years.The thing that really pushed lego up to the top was the "Lego Movie" which helped with a lot of1global recognition. Legos are molded in a thermoplastic polymer, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene,legos are known for their durability.

Legos are more precisely made than and iphone and that'swhat it takes to make a full-scale version of the X-Wing Starfighter or a 16-inch replica of theTaj Mahal. Legos are more popular today than they have ever been which is a surprise to some atthe company, since roughly a decade ago it was nearly bankrupt.

People now can use the powerof the internet to create their own designs and go to the lego store to buy all the parts they needto create it. Lots of legos today also have flashing lights or battery powered motors so they candrive around by themselves. Lego is always coming up with new ideas on how to make theiramazing creation into a better version for every generation.

The first big lego factory was outsideDenmark in the swiss alps. The family that owns Lego lives in Denmark which is why most oftheir plants are set up in Europe and Asia. The Danish are known for exporting a lot of things butlegos are definitely one of their most exported. In 2016 alone, over 75 billion of the colorfulplastic bricks were sold.

Ole Kirk died in 1952, just as his son was on the verge of makinginterlocking which would increase creativity and sales in kids. The lego company also suffered alot of hardships along the way of trying to build one of the greatest toys to come to stores. Thesefires didn't stop much though it just meant that it was time to change some things and this iswhen they decided to change from wood to plastic.

Today that decision means big business andthe LEGO group has built itself into an industry titan. But it would have never happened withoutthose simple bricks - or the fires that nearly destroyed a family's dreams three times over. LEGOwill most likely always be a lot of fun for the workers and for the kids that get to use them.

LEGOS are going to be a big part of a lot of young kids childhoods and some more grownpeople because legos can be for all ages and thats what makes them so amazing.

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