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Income Tax Narrative Essay

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The tax code/law which mandates this type of taxation. The government imposed a tax on the income generated by institutions and individuals within the jurisdiction is income tax. The law dictates that every person and business shall pay income tax. It acts as a source of revenue for the government as the taxes s used to serve the interest of the public within the country.

The use of progressive tax system is common in most nations access the globe based on the high level of effectiveness involved in the practice. It makes people that earn highly to be taxed more while people that earn a minimal amount of tax would have taxed less. It is a fare system that the government promotes on the basis of promoting fairness with the cultural setting of the country.

The paper entails a detailed discussion about income tax system in a developed country such as Australia. Any guideline/interpretation for this tax code that has been issued by the government The section 55 of the Australian constitution clearly explains that the parliament has the duty of ensuring that it imposes tax laws.

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It led to the creation of multiple sectors that give a detailed explanation of how the taxation system of the country should run. Ideally, they provide a clear direction that the government is supposed to take whole addressing touchy issues such as the taxation system in the country (Kayis-Kumar, 2016, p.2).

The act of the commonwealth gives the recuse direction that is required about income tax in the country. The income tax assessment act of 1936 clearly gives the precise direction about the steps that are supposed to be followed while taxing individuals and companies in h countries. Its major concern is the system of taxation rather than the other steps that are involved in the process. Therefore, the Australian laws provide a precise direction.

The computation of this type of taxation After the implementation of the act, various amendments have been done depending on the economic and political set-up of the country. Uncommented amendments and proposal have occurred over the past few years based on the complexity and nature involved in the creation of precise laws that are meant to cater for the needs of the people rather than for a specific group. The modifications made were based on various economic factors that cannot be ignored.

Factors such as inflation and economic recession are unexpected events that the government needs to ensures that the laws are created in such a manner that the issues are addressed in the most effective way without affecting the genera; economic set up of the country (Potter & Greber, 2017, p.1).

It is a fundamental aspect that relies on the ability of the public to understand complex issues that surrounds the economy. Basic= 50000 + HRA=20000 + Travel allowance=1000 + Child's educational allowance=200 + Medical allowance=1250 + other allowance=8000The deductions allowed Travel allowance=1000 + Child's educational allowance=200 + Medical allowance=1250 The taxable annual gross income is (80,450-2,450) x 12 =9,36,000.

If Mr. Yen makes a declaration that he went a loss on Property. Interest paid Rs.1,00,000. The Gross total income $8,36,000 (9,36,000-1,00,000).Mr. yen $1,00,000 as investment in Section 8 and $25,000 under Section 80, the total taxable $7,11,000 (8,36,000-1,25,000). $2,50,000 nill, next $5,00,000 will be 5% amounting to $25,0000. balance of $11,000, the tax rate=20% amounts to $2,200.Annual tax $53,766 ($ .52,200 in addition to the education and charged at 3% is $.1,566).

The monthly tax will be $4,480.50/-.The group of taxpayers who should pay this tax It is important to understand that the calculation of income tax takes places from the income statement. The income statement explains the financial position of the company inclusive of the net and gross income of the process.

It is an important element that needs to be placed under a broader consideration based on the nature and complexity of the matter. The income statement offers the general performance of the company within the industry (Richards, 2017, p. 1). one can view the revenue and profits after the taxation and costs. the expense of taxes is the last item before the calculation of the net income. One can utilize the aspect to know the effective tax rate in the case and compute the tax.

The division of the expenses of income tax and earnings that were made before taxes gives the effective tax rate that is required. The tax report with its sections Individuals and business are eligible to pay the taxes based on nature and complexity involved in the calculation of the issue. The individuals do not cater for the payment of the taxes through their whole income.

The activity takes place through deductions that include mortgage interest, dental and medical bills and education expense which are the basis of a citizen's life within developed countries such as Australia. The understanding of the matter demands a broader line of inclusion based on the fact that limited opportunities are involved in such situations. For business, it is quite different as the IRS has a varying system that ensures that the payment of the taxes takes place in a fair way (Berg ; Davidson, 2017, p.79).

The entities such as corporation's sole proprietorship, partnerships report their income to the IRS for a fair tax deduction to effectively take place. Income tax reports have specific sections that need to be included while an individual is making the report about the financial progress of a company within the industry.

It is an issue that is reliant on the general understanding of the Australian financial structure. The income section is a place on the report that lists all the income sources for the business it a popular technique of giving reports as it relates with wages, dividends and other specified factors that cannot be ignored while creating a successful taxing structure that is essential to understand and implement. Ideally, the sections give a clear set of how the report takes place.

Therefore, the section is an important part of the taxation system that cannot be ignored based on the nature and complexity of the taxation system.The deduction section is also an important part that shows the tax liability in the most appropriate manner that is recommendable by most people. It is effective based on the fact that it gives the precise parts of the report that the deductions are often made I relation to the main matter of concern.

It is important to consider the fact that there are some limitations towards the creation of such goals that need to be considered based on the nature and complexity of the matter in the concurrent societal setting of Australia. Most expenses are directly deductible based on the effect that they have on the businesses of a person. Lastly, the tax credit is also a section that amounts all the taxes owed by the individual bossiness entity.

The deductions vary among the jurisdiction based on the existing complexity involved in computing some specified aspects. Other Information Income tax plays a key role in the overall wellbeing of the Australian economy. Through the tax, the country can be able to offer vital services to the members of the public. It is of relevance to ensure that all the institutions in the country ensure that they implement the tax based on its necessity and ability to adjust by the marketing skeptics and meet up the needs of the nation.

Individual income tax, business income tax, local and state income tax and sale tax make up an essential part of the system that cannot be ignored while creating a reliable system that is able to deal with complex matters that surrounds the creation of a perfect tax system in the country (Diminson, 2017, 1).

It is a necessity to understand that the inclusion of the taxes leads to the success of the Australian economy.


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