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The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Wes Andersons colourful and cartoonish style film The Grand Budapest Hotel, was visually captivating and quickly engrossed the viewer in a fairy tale style setting unlike many others. Originally I was skeptical about watching this film as I failed to do so the first time around. That doubt quickly faded once I took the time to truly analyze it, and realize the wonderful art that was captured in his work.

Pastel hues ranging from pinks to blues painted the film in an otherworldly setting that immediately grabbed the viewers attention. Not only were the colours visually satisfying but their ability to change the atmosphere and tone of each scene was extremely well executed.

From the elegant purples used in the hotel outfits to display the establishments ritziness, to the eerily dark outfits worn by the antagonists whos minds were corrupted by greed, every moment was greatly influenced by the colour theme chosen and guided the viewers emotions consistently throughout.

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The environments in which the characters lived were vibrant and never clashed with the outfits but rather contrasted wonderfully. Every aspect of the film had a part and was never outweighed by another, this shows the great attention to detail that Anderson flawlessly executed.

Another aspect of the movie that stood out was the film style. Many techniques were used throughout the film to achieve the comedic, cartoon style that is quite unique to Andersons work. Flattened visuals created the feeling as if everything from the foreground to the background was pressed together into a two dimensional picture.

That aspect along with the characters rapid dialogue and the eccentric settings in which they lived, created a Fascinating world that one would wish to visit. Anderson also used three different aspect ratios to convey the different time periods in the film. Those included the thirties, the sixties, and the eighties.

Seeing as "Aspect ratios for U.S. films rarely change" (Chiu, 1) it was fascinating to see someone go against the norm and try incorporate three different aspects to differentiate between the times in the movie. Though they are subtle, they can change the tone of a scene and display the characters in a different light that is more unconventional to other directors.

The beautiful cinematography in this film is testament to Andersons ability to create a wonderfully rich and unparalleled film. Unlike many films in this day and age that seem to repeat the same process as the last, this film definitely stands out.

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