The Chamber of Commerce’s research objectives and proposed methods

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The four main objectives are more extensive than is necessary. From other research and revitalization projects, the main objectives include the commercial enterprise (vacancies) inventory and the communities and surrounding areas population ideal of the area. In fact, having a private investor interested in the area is better than most areas. Many central business districts had to give financial incentives, such as lower rent or tax breaks to get entrepreneurs into the area. In the case study, Williams Realty Corporation was readily taking the first step in the revitalization process.

The main objects were really to get people back into the downtown area through creating an area of individual retailers, corporations, restaurants and entertainment facilities, and new residential projects that would be able to renovate the old building and create a trendy Mecca for the young adults in the area that wanted to be close to work and entertainment. The fact that William Realty Corporation had done all the planning and preparation and just wanted the data is exceptional.

However the data is what seems to be lacking in most cases, but by focusing on the two main objectives, the plan could move forward (Duvoli, 2004; Faulk, 2006; Weiler, 2000). 2. Briefly outline a research proposal by listing the appropriate techniques for collection of these data. Based on other research of central business district development the focus of the study should be on the gaining of population to start using the area again. Through tax records and housing data a basic understanding of the district can show the number of vacancies and when the decline of the area began.

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With this information the survey of viable building and the occupancy rates along with a walking survey of those people who work and live in the central business district should be undertaken. This survey does not have to be on a grand scale, but needs to ask the important questions, such as what is missing from the area, what would need to be included to make the area more people friendly. For the most part, any revitalization project needs to look at the business that can use the existing stores and building for either residential or commercial prospects.

Old warehouses can offer lofts in the upper areas while allow retail businesses on the ground level. Listening to the people and the area itself will help direct the project and help keep investment to a minimum for the city. Following these easily completed research techniques will allow the city to plan the revitalization easier than without this basic information. It does not have to be elaborate, but it does have to give the people what they want in a central business district (Duvoli, 2004; Faulk, 2006; Weiler, 2000).


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