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I am investigating Boots the Chemist, I am required to right about its main activities and all its functional areas and describe the business structure and explain whether it's a large or medium company. I'm going to do this by using the Internet, magazine and books. Then I will be comparing Boost as a company to Superdrug, I will compare the main activities and all its functional areas and describe the business structure


Boots is a large company that was first given its name in 1849 by a man called John boot, the chemist started of as a sole trader, which then was passed to his son Jesse. The company then grew and became a Public Limited Company. Jesse bought knew products to the company and made the Chemist bigger and richer.

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The aims of Boots the Chemist is to expand as a company and become worldwide, they also want to be known as the best health and beauty store in the United Kingdom. Their aim is to be the number one beauty store in the nation and ensure their customers top quality products, and they also want to attract more customers to gain more profit and reputation.


The main functional areas of a business are responsible for recruitment and retention of the staffing of the business this is called Human Resources they also look after there employees and make them up to high standard by training them for induction, on the job and off the job. The Finance department is in control of the payments made and the income revenue. They also are in charge of to pay there employees and there job is to keep records of accounting.

The marketing and sales departments responsibility is to be on top of the main competitors by giving there products a reasonable cheap price but on the other hand still making profit, by this the customers will also be happy for the price given. The customer service department is responsible for help and advice to customers while sales and after sales. These are important in the business because the financial function that has the responsibility of the cash flow forecast, profit and loss of the business and the outgoing this is also wages.

The four main functional areas of Boots the Chemist are Human Resources, Finance, Sales + Marketing and Administration. The business needs these four key functional areas in order to survive they have an important role in the business.


Human Resources are responsible for staffing they are also responsible for the health and safety of the place. Administrations are responsible for controlling the security in the store and also they control the reception. Finance is responsible for income and outcome of the business they are also responsible for the businesses profit or loss.

Marketing & Sales are responsible of selling the products also they are in control of all the promotions that are given to the customers.


The type of work carried out by the four functional areas are Human Resources, Customer service, Finance and Productions. Finance is very important in the business because it's responsible of the cash that comes in and out of the businesses. It's also responsible of the businesses sales revenue. The Customer services function is that all the enquires, complaints and help is there for all the customers, the problem is solved in a short period of time.

Human resources are in the business to control the staffing, back up when needed and Health & Safety Production section is where all the products are manufactured which then are sold / given to the retailers.

Boots Structure

Boots the chemist has two services that link up with each other, the first is the supply and support service which is responsible for supply chain & logistics they are also responsible for manufacturing properties. The other service is wellbeing service which controls Boots opticians, dental care, foot care and the insurance


The Employment Rights Act 1996 This act is to extend the law relating to the young employees and enable the effect to be given to council. 22nd June 1994 on the protection of young employees purposes to repeat the protection of young people's employment. The Sex Discrimination act 1975 This act is all about protecting your rights no matter if you're a male or a female. In sum businesses you won't get a job for being a female in others you won't get one because you're a male, this act insures that everybody is equal and is able to get the jobs that they want.

The Race Relations Act 1976 This is the act to make new provision with respect to discrimination on racial grounds and relations between the different raced groups. Act 1975 amendments for bringing provision in that act relating to its administration and enforcement into confirming with the corresponding provisions in this act. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 This act includes a definition of who the disabled person is for the purpose of the act, only those people who are defined as disabled can benefit from this act.

Under the act the government can publish statutory guidance which provides advice on the matters to be taken into account by adjudicating bodies, such as courts when they say whether the person is disabled for the purpose of the act.


I chose Super Drug as it was the best company to compare with Boots the Chemist because Super Drug sells the same type of products and the works are the same like they both do the following, pharmacy, health ; beauty and photography.

Super Drug is a health ; beauty retailer its aim is to be a bigger company then boots at all times and of course catch as many customers as it can. Super Drug is well loved for it values.


Superdrug operates over 700 stores in high street and shopping mall locations throughout the UK. Trading in over 2 million square feet of retail space; Superdrug employs 12,500 people and serves over 4. 5 million customers each week. Superdrug's sales are over 1 billion per annum


Superdrug was founded in 1964 by the Goldstein family who developed the business from just one store in Putney to over 289 when they sold the business to Kingfisher Plc in 1987. A major expansion programme for Superdrug was accelerated by the acquisition in 1988 of the Tip Top and Share Drug chains. In November 1989, the Medicare chain was acquired, increasing Superdrug's store base to over 650 - more than double the number in 1987. In July 2001, Superdrug was purchased by Dutch health ; beauty chain, Kruidvat Beheer BV. In October 2002, Kruidvat Beheer BV sold its retail interests to international retail organisation, S. Watson Group , wholly owned by the Hong Kong based company, Hutchison Whampoa.


I am now going to show how boots customer service meets the customer's expectations. The Customer Service of Boots the Chemist meets the customers expectations by providing them help with there problems, they give answer to there questions and deal with the customers complaints if any. The improvement to the service will be by accessing the customer service from the net which will be much easier for the customers and the service.

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