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Tyson Foods, Inc. Organizational Structure Paper Gloria Sample MGT 230 1 1/07/2013 Dr. William Manduca This organizational structure paper for Tyson Foods, Inc. will show how Tyson Foods Company Is structures and organized. It will also show the comparison and contrast within its work place and company as a whole. It will focus somewhat on how marketing, finance, human resources, and operation department influence and determine the organizational structure for the company.

Lastly, it will talk about how the organization design; such as products and customer base and services help etermine the company's needs across the globe and in other countries that are located In the world. Tyson Food Company challenges Its business, allowing It to have the advantage of becoming a multi business like none other. Tyson Food Company controls the market price for chicken and the overall integrated production. The production of chicken for Tyson Food accounts for 35% of all their production segments. Tyson Foods accounts for 20 % of all chicken production in the United States.

Because chicken is the most efficient feed animal in conversion to meat protein, It Is dominating as the primary meat protein source. Tyson Food utilizes full, vertical integration through an entire seven stage of production, from inception to slaughter, and operates feed mills to produce the chicken ration. Tyson Food has an advantage of operating in vertically Integrated business, dominating the regional area of the united States. Having the opportunity of working with Tyson Foods for eighteen years, gave me the opportunity to see firsthand how the company operated on a daily bases from the corporate offce down.

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Tyson Foods had a way of doing thing by the book and at the same time showing love and respect in every aspect of he company whether it is management or floor employees. Tyson Foods had rules and regulation that everyone had to follow and abide by. The organizational structure there was followed through on a daily basis. If you had a problem with something, you did not go over someone's head and get the problem fixed, you followed chain of command. If you could not get the problem solved through chain of command, then you take the next step. I liked working at Tyson Foods because they were all about the business and getting the Job done.

At the same time they cared about the employees as a whole. Everyone there worked with a spirit of excellent and enthusiasm. It was so well organized. People did not have a problem getting off work or taking leave if they had accumulated it. Going to the doctor was never a problem for the employees If It was legit. Vacation was never a problem either If you had the leave. We Just had to make sure that someone was covering our position facility. This was a plus for the many employees that the employed. Tyson Food is on the Fortune 500 as the second largest food manufacturing corporation.

Tyson Foods Company produces and packages a large selection of beef, poultry, and pork roducts that provide convenience to their customers. These products are then sold to food retailers throughout the Unites States and 90 countries around the world. While Tyson Foods produce and package food that ties into making a profit, they also take large strides to insure nit customers of its quality of the products the sale. Tyson Foods has a program called the Food Wise Program that educates its customers on how to prepare their food properly, and establishes labeling and tracking systems.

Tyson Foods extends itself through humanitarian efforts to help with hunger and disaster relief. I can remember when Hurricane Katrina came through; everyone was in a panic and uproar. The management teams of Tyson Foods quickly put their heads together and began to execute the disaster program design to help people in need. There was no electricity and no-one knew when the power was going to be restored. Tyson management team called different departments in to help with the disaster relief, whether it was giving out bags of ice or fixing plates for the hungry. Everyone worked together as a whole and the Job was a success.

Tyson Foods wants to develop a more strategic overall approach to hunger relief that would engage takeholders and people that have stocks on a more meaningful level including the team members, community leaders and elected officials, retail and food service customers, and a large number of organizations and individuals involved in hunger reliefs nationwide. Together they created three primary goals focusing on approach, communication, and involvement towards hunger relief. Tyson Foods did a survey tracking and analyzing media coverage and exposure, assessing team member involvement, and by comparing actual results with initial goals.

Tyson Foods has onated over 50 million pounds of products to help those in need around the world. Tyson promotes environmental stewardship by implementing an environmental system to all of its domestic processing plants, encouraging natural farming techniques. Tyson's customers are the lifeblood of their organization and their success. Customer satisfaction is its primary goal and profits are the secondary goal. Tyson Foods aim to deliver great value in their products and services to maintain a competitive position. Tyson Foods found this to be the most important factor contributing to their customers' overall satisfaction.

Tyson Foods implementation of structure and organization is very important to the company's development and success. It takes a company that operates responsibly and operates according to core values and cultures to take the company to the next level. Tyson Foods dwells daily on their core values and morals. Tyson has a lot of resources to broaden a production footprint and continues to be on top at all times. One of the quickest ways Tyson was transformed into the mega company that it is that the managers simplified the strategy kept a simple organized structure. Tyson sticks by the old saying, "communication is the key.

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